Sister jerks off her brother to keep him quiet after he spied on her having sex with her boyfriend HD

My boyfriend and I finally got some alone time at my parent’s house the other night. I was so glad to get to have sex with him in a bed instead of his car like we usually have to. Were only 19 and both still live at home which makes for strategically planned fucking sessions. I thought it was just us two alone at my house until I noticed my bedroom door was cracked and there were a pair of eyes watching my boyfriend pummel my pussy. From the height I could tell they belonged to my brother. He is kind of a disgusting pest sometimes the way he lingers around me whenever I bring girl friends home. He is always asking me to hook him up with one of them. Never did I think he would have an interest in seeing my and my guy bumpin uglies. I didn’t say anything to my boyfriend about us having a lurker cause I didn’t want him to stop fucking me until we both got off good. I knew I would deal with my brother at some point when I found the right time. Besides, if my boyfriend knew we were being watched, he would have probably kicked my brother’s ass and then we would have to explain what happened to our parents. I devised a much less messy plan and one I think my brother would prefer over an ass whooping.

If he promises not to tell our parents or anyone about what he saw, I would give him a quick release session. I don’t know of any guy who would resist getting their dick rubbed by someone other than them selves. I bet he wanked his woody furiously while watching me fuck my guy the other night. I am pretty sure I’m the first girl to lay her hands on my brother’s boner. He is the epitome of a little wanker. I felt myself get turned on as I slowly stroked his stiff shaft. I told him I would give him the best hand job he will ever receive, ever. It was only slightly creepy putting his dick super close to my perfect pucker. I certainly gave him enough lube from my mouth. We would be in so much trouble if our parents came home and caught us. I didn’t care. I swallowed his dick far down my throat and continued to suck and stroke until he tensed up to work out a big nut for me. I had him squirming all over his bed in anticipation of that spooge. His balls were shriveled up inside him as he let his cum release for me into my hand. He made a sticky mess of me and of course I had to taste him. Now we both have a secret and I have two actually. I can’t tell our parents or my boyfriend about what my brother and I just did. Maybe I just created a whole new way of relating to my creepy peeping tom of a brother plus got me a whole new dick to have fun with.

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