REAL Proven Incest – Scott and Sindee – NEW VIDEO!

Full story and the begging.
The NEW Video:

Description written by Scott.
It’s been awhile since we’ve posed for camera, since my sister is now impregnated. We are in love want to raise a normal family together, and we don’t even think of ourselves as “taboo”. Even as a child, I knew I loved her more than a brother should love his sister… and now we’re together we couldn’t be happy. The pregnancy has been rough for obvious reasons, so it’s been hard to show the pleasure we give each other because she has been in constant pain and unconfident. But, after much work, we found a night that was horny enough and went for it. My sister is pretty amazing, because she ALWAYS gives me sex, however being a ballerina its been difficult for her to feel confident enough to have sex with lights on, let alone for camera. However, that tight, wet pussy is always open 24/7 for me. Let me tell you, the feeling that comes when I stick my dick into my sister’s always soaked pussy is like nothing else imaginable, no pussy has been even close to as arousing as hers. Plus we both have equal sex drives, meaning long, long nights. Anyways, we are sharing a very small taste of what we do on a regular basis, hope you enjoy it! Expect more videos from us in the future, EXCLUSIVELY FOR INCEZT.NET!!!!

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