Various Japanese Family Diaper and Wetting Clips!

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Diaper change on bench

A mother and a daughter are talking outside their house. Suddenly, the girl wets her diaper but her mother is quick to find a pull-up and take her daughter by the hand to a nearby bench where she pulls the diaper up to make her nice and dry.

Girl diaper change in leather chair

A girl sits in a leather chair in her diaper and school uniform spreading her legs for the world to see. A guy comes over and feels the wet diaper before untaping it to her discomfort. She then lifts her legs up in the air so he can replace it with a fresh pull-up.

Girl Reluctantly Diapered

A mother explains her daughter that she needs to be put back in diapers. She is not pleased and does whatever she can to resist it, forcing the mother to ask for help to hold her daughter’s arms. She then proceeds to diaper her in diapers with childish prints on them.

Groped in Diaper

A girl takes off her panties to diaper herself before the cameraman starts groping and touching her. He rubs her nipple and fingers her on the outside of her diaper before he makes her suck his fingers.


A girl has her panties removed to have a pull-up put on. After that, she wets it right away so her mother has to take it off and put a new one on.

Schoolgirl Bullied To Pee

A couple of schoolgirls are hanging out in the park with the unpopular geek. They start going through her bag before starting to strip her. After taking off her skirt and lifting up her bra, they find a pair of childish spare panties in her bag and pulls them over her head. She is then rough to the ground, stripped to her panties before she wets herself in front of them.

Wetting Sister

A boy gets a visit from her little sister who soon starts to get on his nerves. She finds his porn collection and interrupts him in the shower. At night, he suddenly has sexual dreams about her and starts masturbating under the covers. The next morning, he wakes up, tied to the bed and naked from the bottom down with his sister laughing at him. He is pIssed at her and the next morning, he goes to wake her up only to see that she has wet the bed, much to his amusement. He then strips her half naked, spanks her and ties to her up to humiliate her. She pees while tied up so he has to give her a shower.

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