My Brother Charlie HD

If you like incestuous brother/sister stories, then you’ll love this one.

Emily plays a girl who has devoted most of her early life to caring for her mentally challenged brother. While their parents are away, she gives of herself, feeding him, making sure he takes his medicine and bathing him when he pisses his pants. One day she returns from running errands to find his pacifier on the floor. She’d just run it over and decided to throw it away, over the ridge. When she enters the house he asks her for his pacifier in his usual child-like way bit she doesn’t want to hear it. Being ignored and perhaps playing his part too much, he forgets and his words becomes coherent and intelligible. She immediately calls him out, calling him a liar and wasting all those years caring for him. She threatens to tell their parents which would cut him out of a huge inheritance upon his parents death, which he was planning. He believes he can kill his sister and use his mental instability to clear himself of prison and still keep him in line for his inheritance. He grabs her by the throat and forces her out of the kitchen. They tumble over the couch and he lands on top of her and continues to hand strangle her until she dies. Always wanting to dip his stick inside his sister’s tight pussy, he peels her clothing off, spreads her wide and fucks her in a variety of positions until he squirts all over her plump white ass. He picks up his charade, hitting the speed dial to his parents and talking something unintelligible to get them to come home early to see their dead daughter.

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