WAKM-005 – Lustful spirit lingers in haunted house – Haloween upload

here’s a little treat for Halloween, the plot = a couple moves into a house but unbeknownst to them there is a lustful spirit lingering in the house, so they hire a film crew and an exorcist to purge the house of fuck spirits.

1. not really sex but one of the crew members sets up a camera in the room he sleeps in and then he is woken up in the middle of the night and starts humping and fucking the air

2. they call in the sexorcist and they locate the spirit, it traps the guy on the stairs and sucks him off and rides him, note the shitty paint that comes off and sticks on the actor’s thighs

3. the sexorcist performs the holy ritual of finger banging the spirit with holy beads in hand, the spirit disappears presumably depleted of its ether from being finger banged with holy beads nearby

4. it seems the spirit has possessed the girlfriend and it’s ol padre holy fingers duty to finger bang the spirit out of her. after that the spirit rematerializes conveniently from the side of the bed where it may or may not have hidden under, it gets fucked doggy, missionary, sucks padre off and rides him until he sprinkles holy water all over her face, and when I say holy water it’s really just cum. The spirit disappears after being satisfied and they lived happily ever after.


GXAZ-041 We’ll Let Squid Juice: Multilingual Oral Intercourse Obscene Fellatio 5 Kanae Ruka

A series of 6 blowjob/handjob clips (full scenes) from other movies featuring the lovely Ruka Kanae (佳苗るか). The first 5 are shot POV. Ruka has a very friendly personality here and laughs and smiles a lot, speaks in a cute voice. But she is also a nymphomaniac or a very good actress – these scenes are HOT! The mosaic is pretty mild, as you can see from the cover shot.

Scene 1 Ruka is in a white dress with her hair in a ponytail with bangs and discovers a man sleeping off a bender. She plays with his cock under his pants, then gives him a handjob, titjob, and blowjob to completion. She squeals when he cums in her mouth, spits it into her hand. Shot POV.
Scene 2 Ruka is in a cosplay uniform with a short blond wig and brown sailor suit. She rims him, jerks him from behind, blows him, masturbates to orgasm, then comes back to finish him off in her mouth. Spits. Shot POV.
Scene 3 Ruka is in a yellow shirt and blue skirt on a bed, with her hair in a lopsided bun. She grinds against her hand through her panties, then the guy shows up and fingers her underneath them to orgasm. She plays with his nipples, grinds against his knee, sucks him off while he fingers her through her panties, and blows him to completion, spitting into her hand. Shot POV.
Scene 4 Ruka is in a black and white lolita cosplay uniform with a black skirt, white lacy top, black bow in her hair, and black gloves. She sucks face for awhile, rims the guy, sucks and licks his balls, and blows him hands-free to completion. She spits onto his cock and then tortures him by sucking even more. Shot POV.
Scene 5 Ruka is in a sheer cherry blossom dress and pigtails and is tempting her older brother (?) into sex play. She sucks him for awhile, then masturbates to orgasm, then brings him to the edge of cumming, calms him down, then blows him to completion. She squeals loudly when he cums in her mouth, hilarious overacting. Spits into her hand. Shot POV.
Scene 6 Ruka is in a white shirt and black skirt, and a ponytail with bangs. She kisses and seduces a standing man, masturbates, edges him almost to the point of cumming, then gives him a handjob to completion while playing with his nipples. She keeps giving him a handjob and it seems like he pees while she is jerking him off.


YOGU-31 – I Would Be Exchanged Turbulent As It Is Wrecked Shaved Country Girl Playing At The Mercy Of Obedient Pet Chan Seaside – Aoi Ichigo, Tsujii Yuu, Kagami Shuna

Miraculous triple shaven sunburns three people daughter on a beachfront beach. Talking to the hotel as it is skillfully speaking in the local coast. It’s like a forbidden triple orgy like paradise. Let ‘s play together again next year.

there’s cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, missionary, standing-up sex, cum on pussy, creampie, cunnilingus


YTR-038 ~ Deep Throat Paradise

Description: Mostly deepthroat with some other aspects in toys being used in pussy. Tits being a great tool for completion, or a lot of facial, cum on tits and mouth. Setting change from personal apartment, bedroom and open studio with several “threesome and orgy”. Some regular sex mixed in with standing doggy, doggy style, missionary, sideways.
Sex acts: threesome. big.tits. cum.on.tongue. jerking.to.completion. titfuck. titfuck.to.completion. oral.creampie. blowjob. interracial. big.black.cock. orgy. ass.grinding. vibrator. toys. dildo. cum.on.face. cum.on.mouth. forced. cum.on.tits. deepthroat. standing.doggy. missionary. standing.sideways. doggy.style.


DASD-400 – Ran Izumi – A Natural Airhead Slave Maid Cums With Cock Attached

Das! The second part of the exclusive Shemale AV actress “Sensui Ran” is a service maid that makes you take pride! Full support from waking up awakening to goodnight sex! For my favorite master, I’m a mirror of big-breasted beauty maid! Please enjoy it.

ran starts out by sucking some cock pov, then she gets fucked in a variety of positions, including standing-up, doggystyle, missionary, sideways, cowgirl, reverse cowgirls, and legs akimbo. she gets a facial, and cum in her mouth multiple times


SMA-477 – Mirei Kazuha – The Office Lady Slave Sex

mirei sucks cock and gets facialized, then gets fucked in a variety of position, including missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, and flat on her stomach. she also gets tortured with a vibrator


[DDT-565] The Greatest Deep And Rich Orgasmic Sex BEST [4HR+]

This is a 4h compilation of bdsm scenes (contains 22 scenes). All the things done here are part of a scripted bdsm play..
I’ll start explaining a few scenes then only the most peculiar ones. (most of them are almost the same, except they use another actress. ====> rough sex in positions like cowgirl, missionary, doggy style with occasional kisses, some spankes and some strangulation. They always end with facial or cumming on tits.)

(from DDT-560) The movie starts with a pair fucking doggy style, while the dude slaps her ass multiple times. He keeps fucking her hard from behind until she cums multiple times, then they keep fucking missionary (she keeps cumming) and ends with facial.

(from DDT-557) Second scene, this old man fucks a crying teen, while he lies down, she has to move her hips the best she can on cowgirl position until she cums. They change positions, now he is on top of her while she spreads her legs, they fuck until she cums then change positions again. He fucks her doggy, then both lie down and he keeps penetrating her. They finish fucking missionary and with facial.

(from DDT-551) Starts with two guys and a woman, one penetrates her doggy while she sucks the other guy’s dick. Then the one receiving a blowjob leaves, and the old man stays and bangs her from behind until they change positions. Now they’re both standing, her back on the wall while he fucks her from her front, they also intensifie their bdsm play (he starts strangling her). They keep changing positions (reverse cowgirl, doggy style and finish on missionary) ’til they end with facial.

(from DDT-530) A woman tied with a rope (her wrists, neck, breasts and stomach) is being screwed from behind (doggy style) by a man who also is strangling her (also some kissing). She climaxes and they change positions.
They both lie down while he fucks her from behind he spreads her legs wide open ‘tll she cums. They change the position (he sits while she is on top of him, she entangles his neck with her arms (still with her wrists tied)), she reaches climax and they go for some rough cowgirl action. They end up doing it missionary until he cums in her mouth.

(from DDB-313) The pair having sex consist of a young man and a mature woman wearing only a tiny string teddy. She starts on top of him (rough cowgirl sex) then change to doggy (he also spanks her) until she cums. Then they both lie down sideways and he fucks her from behind while spreading her legs open.
Next they change to some missionary variant (the same, except she lifts her upper body 45°) until he finishes cumming on her tits and mouth.

(from DDK-144) A hot gyaru wearing some fancy lingerie gets fucked by two dudes. While one do hers doggy style she pleasures the dick of the other with her mouth. Then one of the guys leaves and the two remaining start doing it again on cowgirl position, then change to doggy until she climaxes. After that they keep having missionary sex only to finish with the guy shooting his load on her tits (she cleans the guy’s dick with her mouth after)

(from DDK-133) A woman with her upper body wrapped in plastic gets fuck by a guy (she lies on bed sideway while he penetrates her pussy from behind) while she masturbates the other one.
Her legs have also been wrapped up in plastic, then the two man exchange their positions. One gets a blowjob and the other fucks her missionary.
After the blowjob the guy leaves the two having sex reach their orgasms, then comes back and starts penetrating her from behind, the other guy waits his turn and they eventually exchange again (some strangle action).
She gets finally released from that ‘plastic hell’ only to keep fucking (reverse cowgirl sex) with one of the guys. After she climaxes two times, the man who was waiting at the sidelines joins her again (doggy sex + vibrator, then both lie sideway on bed and he does her from behind). The other receives a blowjob.
The scene ends with one of the guys and her having missionary sex, then facial.

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