REAL Sisters – April And May In Sister Shopping HD

So in a very perv-like fashion, I creeped around the store after them to get a better look. The one in the white top noticed and pulled the younger looking one with her, haha. They knew I were stalking them now. Lucky for me, these Filipino stores are so small and cramped, they could run, but they couldn’t hide. I cornered them in the snack aisle and there was no escaping me, lol. I said hello and asked their names. The older one in white was May, and the shy one in green’s name was April, and just as I had expected, they were SISTERS!

So after a short chit-chat, I asked if they’d like to hang out at my place and May tentatively agreed. April was so shy she hardly spoke at all, but gazed at me with a curious and inquisitive look which was so damn cute and had me hankering to see her goodies later. I took these two for possibly off-duty bargirls, but I never asked directly. The store is located on the main go-go strip, where a lot of girls stop and buy groceries after completing their bar shifts.

Once to the room, April was still extremely shy and quiet, but her older sister May knew the deal. April sat in the corner chair while May took off her shirt and I fondled her nice, shapely breasts. Not only did these two look similar in the face, but they also both shared a nice pair of hoots under those tops they had on. Great tits certainly runs in the family. I wonder what Mom looks like, haha.

May then straddled my legs on the bed and began to suck, while April remained in the corner as an interested spectator. After a few moments, I motioned for her to come over and try herself, which I felt she wanted to, but was working to get past her youthful inhibitions. She lost her top and bra and revealed an even more pristine pair of young breasts. Very lovely. At first, she just grabbed my dick in her hand, stroking it gently, before finally putting her small mouth over it. Before I knew it, I had both sisters April and May taking turns sucking my lucky dick. How fantastic is that!?

Speaking of loads, it wouldn’t be much longer before it was time to explode, so I had both of the sisters down in front of me as it looped out of my pecker onto their fresh little faces! Hey, April has freckles! Very cute! That was it for the night, and I sent them hope with a nice little “gratuity” for their hospitable visit with me. You just never know what you’ll find out your doorstep around here, even just shopping at the grocery store. In this week’s case, it was the second-ever instance of real sister’s getting fucked together.

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