Stacy is ordered to come to the bedroom by her dad. Her dad tells her to get naked so he can fuck her. Stacy refuses, she is done… she doesn’t want to do it any more. Her dad tells her if her whore mom hadn’t left, she wouldn’t need to do it. Now get naked so we can get it done. She refuses again. He gets mad and slaps her around, tosses her all over the bedroom. Makes her bleed from her nose. When she is defeated he just rips her clothes off to get her naked. Drops her on the bed and starts raping her. She is crying. Then he turns her around on her stomach and orders her to open her ass. Hold her ass cheeks open while he enters her ass. She begs and cries not to do this please.

He does it, raping her ass, cumming on her and throwing her out.

While they were fighting and making all the noise, Stacy’s brother Peter heard all of it. He was listening from behind the door. His interest was strong so he went outside to peak through the window. His vision confirmed what he was hearing. He couldn’t believe what his dad was doing but he was also aroused by it so he kept watching his sister’s rape.

That evening Peter watches porn on computer and masturbates but he can’t get hard on or get off. He is having flashbacks from his sister being raped and that’s what makes him hard.

That night he sneaks into his sister’s room. She is already sleeping. He sneaks under her covers and starts touching her. Then he pulls her panties down and sticks his dick in her and passionately fucks her. She moans and enjoys the sex. Then she wakes up and freaks out, starts screaming. He covers her mouth and holds her with his other hand when still fucking her.

His smothering hand kills her. When she is dead he fucks her ass and pops on her pussy.

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