[HONB-072] Ichinose Ruria – Uniform Student Popular Girls Multiple Etcs There Is A Boyfriend In The Next Class Anchanian

Ichinose Ruria is a slim japanese girl with dyed blonde hair. Here you’ll see in 3 scenes. First one she gives a guy a blowjob until he cums. She then gets fucked in multiple positions including cowgirl doggy missionary reverse cowgirl and so fourth in a threesome. The secoond scene she masturbates with a vibrator. The third scene is pretty much another threesome but this time its on a couch instead of a bed. There’s a 4th scene where a fixed cam is filming the 3rd scene.


[1080p/FHD] MISM-071 – A Perverted Dick Sucking Sex Slave Housewife A Maso Cock Sucking Stomach Juices Drooling Horny Bitch Mika Aikawa

Blowjob-focussed movie by M Girls’ Lab. Since the studio specialises in masochistic stuff, you see some rougher action than you would with the mainstream studios.

First, a demonstration of Mika’s skills. They spread her cheeks and lips with a plastic thing while a guy presses a thin dildo into her mouth and throat. Then, she’s allowed a bit more freedom. A dildo with a suction cup is attached to a glass table. Mika impales her throat on it and drools all over the table. She briefly climbs on top and rides the dildo with her pussy too.

After that 40 minute intro, it’s on to the real thing. She blows and gets facefucked by one guy for a short scene, and then it’s quickly two guys around her. In the last two scenes, they also tie her arms to her torso with cellophane and afterwards to a pole. There’s also some regular sex in doggy and some fingering, though not much. The vast majority of this movie is blowjobs, deepthroating and facefucking.


AMBS-015 The Girl Was Molested In The Neighborhood Of The Doctor Who 2 6 People

Six Girls visit a Mischievous Doctor

Vicious treatment site aimed at a girl. “Do not open your eyes, keep it quiet.” “Because you put a white medicine …” and insert a hairless brush and slurpy, such as doing naughty to a girl you do not know! Six small girls only.

Actresses: Asami Tsuchiya, Kanon Kuga, Shiori Akiyama, Shuna Kagami, Yui Kasugano, Yui Saotome


[1080p/FHD] SORA-115 – My Bratty Little Sister’s Also A Total Slut, But When I Found Out She Was An Exhibitionist Too My Dick Couldn’t Take It Anymore! Shion Fujimoto

This is definitely a weird one, but I liked it. There’s a brief intro that gives you a preview of what’s to come in the movie. Basically, the protagonist goes to a camping spot (looks a bit like a hot springs kind of thing nearby) with his little sister, Shion Fujimoto. She’s quite dismissive of him, and quite generous with her body, changing into her bikini pretty much in plain sight. Even before that, she’s already jacking him off, which you can see on the thumbnails around the 13 minute mark.

Shion takes teasing her shy brother constantly further, sucking him off and angrily spitting out his semen. I guess there was some agreement for him to tell her when he’s close to cumming, which he must’ve forgotten. Most sexual acts are played off as Shion “making fun” of him, at least she always has a big grin on her face when her big brother gets a hard-on. It’s odd, but works for me.

Shion jacks off her brother, blows him, lets him grope her pussy and tits, and fuck him missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and doggy. At the end, she allows a friend (?) of his to touch her too.


[ONGP-075] Reona Maruyama – Barely Legal Runaway Reona (1080p)

Reona Maruyama is picked up off the street and taken back to a guy’s apartment.
They eat McDonalds together as is custom in Japan, which convinces her to let him sex on her.

Breast fondling, cunnilingus, cowgirl, doggy style, blowjob, missionary, clitoris masturbation, nipple sucking, handjob, foot humping

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