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Mom Fucks Son After Stressfull Day POV HD

I get home tired from work. All I’ve been thinking is to get home and relax with my good boy. My son is everything to me and all he knows what to do to make me happy. I get home and I go straight to him. I deepthroat his cock while dirty talk with him. I love to suck his cock, I feel so close to him, I can feel the link between mother and son in my throat. I go on top of him and ride his cock. I love feeling his dick in the same hole he came to the world. I tell him to fuck me in doggystyle. He knows is my favorite position and he fucks me the way I like until I cum. I ask him to cum in my mouth when he is ready and start sucking his cock. He face fucks me until he cums in my mouth. I love to please my little angel.

ABDL Boy Diapered And Breastfed By Mommy HD

My babyboy is so cute. I start putting on a fresh diaper on him, with lots of baby powder, anti-rash cream, wipes and cute baby talk (POV view). After diapered, he likes to have his milk. So i give him my tits so he can have milk. While breastfeeding, mommy starts to feel tickles on her pussy. She also notices her baby has something hard inside of his diaper. She starts to touch herself and makes cummies while baby sucks her tits. She tells baby to stop ouching himself cause he is too tiny to make cummies yet.

Mommy Worships Her Good Boy’s Cock HD

My good boy sent mommy a picture and a video of his cock. She looks at it and masturbates to it and thinking of it. She shows you what she will do to your cock, she sucks it, lick it and kiss it from balls to cockhead. You are very good cause you did your homework and folded your clothes like mommy asked you to, so now you deserve a little mommy’s treat. She cums 3 times looking at your cock, one time with a dildo, another with a dildo and a vibrator, and then with a glass dildo and vibrator. You are mommy’s best boy.

Son Watches Mommy and Daddy Fuck HD

I catch my son listening to me and daddy fuck outside our bedroom door, first I’m shocked but it turnes me on and I invite him to watch. Having our son watching us fuck looks wrong but feels so right and I can’t help but tell him to stroke his cock for us. I’m so turned on that I ask daddy to fuck my ass. Daddy fucks my ass and can’t last much longer because he is so turned on with the idea of having his son watching us, so he cums in my ass. I show to my son and tell him that we’ll do it again for sure. KW: voyeurism, voyeur, taboo, roleplay, roleplaying, mom and dad, daddy, mommy, anal, creampie, anal creampie, dirty talking, cum inside, asshole, tattoo, family, family roleplay

Mommy cries And Conforts You HD

after being held captive with mommy, you and mommy are safe and sound on the bed. mommy rubs ointment on your tiny body, and she cries because of what happened to you. she cries of happiness too, cause she has you on her arms now. She is so sorry and she loves you so much.

Mommy And Daddy Makes You Coffee HD

We are taking you to swim, but before we are going to have a coffee together. you have never tasted coffee so we are going to pour some love on your coffee so you can enjoy it. Daddy puts an eye mask on mommy then she takes your cup and rub it on my pussy while daddy worship and slaps my ass until I cum, so you can smell the hole where you came from while having coffee. Then mommy puts the eye mask on daddy and jerk his cock while he rubs his cock on the cup as well. Mommy jerks daddy until he release warm milk on babie’s coffee. Daddys rubs his cum all over the cup and then mommy handles it to you. Mommy and Daddy are afraid that you might get lost or stolen from them, so mommy and daddy pees on a bowl so they can spread the piss on babie’s body to make sure you know the smell from mommy’s pussy and daddy’s penis if he gets lost.

How Mommy Gave Birth To You HD

It’s Mommy telling a story about being sexy for Daddy while giving birth to you (POV). Iuse Donald Duck stuffie during it to represent you inside me. Mommy tells you the story because Daddy already got to see and jerk off to the real thing when I gave birth to you. And Daddy is jerking off this time too while listening to it with you.

Mommy Makes You Her Sissy ABDL Whore HD

I have found my panties with cum stains in and wondering why. I check your closet to see what you have been hiding from me… when I open your wardrobe I see that there is a lot of underwear, such as bras, panties, corset, babydoll and other women’s underwear, chastiy cage, butt plug, condom with semen, bottle, pee/cum, ABDL clothes. I ask if you even know how to use all this things, and I say I’m gonna teach you to use. I put you on a chastity cage, saying you are a sissy and shouldn’t touch their cocks. I wonder if I should put on a diaper, but since I feel to p*e, I decide not to, and make you a very special babybottle liquid. I pee on your bottle and make you have. I tell you to clean my pussy and ass after I finish. Then I put on my strapon and make you suck it, and then I take my sissy son’s ass virginity. You start to cry and I stop, spit on you and slap your face and tell you that you must take it. Then I continue fucking you until you have an anal orgam, without touching your little caged cock. At the end, I pee on your body and face, and give you a little more of bottle special mix.

Mommy Feeds U Daddys Milk At Restaurant HD

Mommy and Daddy takes you to the restaurant to have dinner. The waiter tells me I can’t breastfeed you there so I ask him if I can put you under the table where nobody can see and feed you daddys milk.

Daddy Gives Birth To Shrunken Son HD

You are inside of daddy’s balls cause he wants to give birth to you too. I talk to you while you are in there, and tell you that daddy is gonna release you with his load, and mommy is gonna help. I do a lot of loving talk and giving birth talk. So I jerk daddy off until he cums and gives birth to you. I take you on my tongue and then put you on daddy’s sperm cause you need to be fed.

Helping My Good Son to Relieve Himself HD

Mom catches you masturbating in your room. You don’t know but I always sneak to the room to catch you so I can help you. I offer you some help because I can do it better than you can. I can use my mouth or hand or both!! I deepthroat you and give you a nice and sloppy blowjob while saying all good things about my beloved son. I love you so much son and you know that when done with love everything is much better, that includes masturbating you. You are everything to me and all I want to do is please you and make you happy. I deepthroat you until I gag and cry but I can’t stop until you cum in my mouth. You cum in my mouth and I spit it back to your cock and deepthroat you again to clean it up. You can always count with mommy to help you with things like that.

When Daddy Impregnated Mommy HD

Mommy found the tape of the day when she and daddy made you. She recorded so we could watch it together when you left her belly. Mommy and daddy can’t help but touch themselves while they watch the tape. The tape is mommy giving daddy a blowjob and talking to you inside his balls. She says that she is gonna rub daddy’s cockhead so you can find your way out of his balls and then go to her pussy and womb. When the tape ends, mommy and daddy cum watching it with you.

Mother Begs Her Son to Be Fucked HD

Mom becomes a slut for her son and begs to be fucked by him and get her pregnant.

Mommy’s Special Birthday Gift HD

It’s my son’s bday so I’m gonna give him a special gift. I wake him up in the morning jerking him off and sucking his cock. He loves it. I always wanted to be fucked by my son but I was waiting for a special occasion. He fucks the pussy that gave him birth in different positions while I do mommy dirty talk. At the end, he gives me a creampie and I say I wanna do it more often.

Mommy Teaches You How to Please Daddy HD

It’s halloween and mommy and daddy prepared a treat for you! You are going to help mommy jerk and suck daddy and until you get your treat. Mommy is going to teach you in a loving way how to do it . Mommy jerks daddy and you suck his cock until he gives you a warm milk. Mommy gives you instructions on how to taste it and swallow it. In the last few minutes mommy gives her own treat and have you suck on her breast. Then we all go to bed together.

Mommy Feeds Cuckie With Daddy’s Milk HD

You are my cuckie husband and all you do whatever it takes to please me. I’m getting dressed up because my boyfriend is coming over. You don’t like him because he mistreats and beats you but I like that he does this because it turns me on so much and it’s okay for you because you want to please me. I tell you that he is moving in with us and that you’re gonna be our cuck little cuckie son and you’re gonna call us mommy and daddy. You’re not gonna be fed with food anymore, you’re only gonna feed with daddy’s milk for now on, if you behave well of course. I tell you how lucky you are to have such a great daddy and that you must always do whatever daddy wants no matter how embarrassing or painful it might be for you. At the end, he cums on my breasts and I tell you to be a good boy and come eat it off mommy. But make sure you ask Daddy for his permission first.

How Mommy And Daddy Made You HD

Mommy and Daddy are making love in the bedroom when you come in to go to bed. Mommy has you lay down in front of her. You see Mommy and Daddy making love all the time, but Mommy explains that they are trying to make your sister tonight. Mommy tells you this is how Mommy and Daddy made you. Mommy asks you if you’re ready for a sister and finds out you’re not ready yet, so she has Daddy shoot his sperm on her breats instead. Then Mommy, Daddy and Baby go to bed together hugging.

Masturbating With Diapered Mommy HD

You and mommy are gonna play a new game today. Mommy is wearing a wet diaper, just like her boy. We are gonna touch our private parts together and its gonna feel very nice. Mommy wants you to prove her that you are now becoming a big boy and are gonna be able to fuck her soon. At the end, mommy makes a cum countdown and cum together with you.

Son Thinks He is Having A Lucid Dream HD

I’m on the toilet and suddenly my son shows up. I tell him that he is not supposed to enter when his mother is peeing, but I realize he is not awake. ‘I try to wake him up but he takes his cock out and starts to slap my face with it. He then puts it in my mouth and I start to suck it. He wakes up, and I get scared that he will be forever traumatized due to this event so I decide to make him believe that it is just a dream. I start to degrade him verbally while I deepthroat him. I deepthroat him for long time and he cums in my throat twice. I swallow it all like the good mother I am. Once he is done, I tell him to go back to bed.

Mommys Shrunken Son Inside Daddys Condom HD

Son was shrank by a doctor and now you’re inside mommys panties. Mom wakes up and you were inside Mommy’s panties the whole time safe and sound. Mommy masturbates while Daddy still rests on her side. She masturbate with shrunken son inside her panties until she cums. Daddy wakes up because it’s time for work, but first daddy has to produce milk for breakfast. Mommy puts a condom on Daddy’s cock with tiny shrunken son on the tip and unrolls it. Mommy gives Daddy a condom handjob while Mommy-talking to you the whole time. Daddy cums. Daddy takes shrunken son to work inside the condom. Daddy and shrunken son come back from Daddy’s work and Mommy is waiting. Mommy takes off Daddy’s pants and remove the condom and put inside her panties.

Mommy and Daddy Keeps You Warm HD

You end up between Mommy and Daddy. Mommy and Daddy wake up under the blanket and realize the heat went out. Mommy was holding you but you rolled out of the blanket and you are shivering. Mommy’s pussy is hot, and Daddy’s penis is hard and throbbing. They get that way when Mommy and Daddy sense you’re in danger. Mommy has Daddy hold you tight and gets on top rubbing herself over us. Mommy starts actually fucking Daddy to heat their bodies. Mommy keeps making sure Daddy holds you tight and is very worried. Towards the end Mommy switches and holds me and Daddy rubs on us from the top, fucking Mommy. Daddy cums his milk on us and Mommy rubs Daddy on my lips until he gets completely soft.

Filling Your Feed-bottle w/ Daddy’s Milk HD

Daddy has to travel so I have to collect his sperm so he can relax and protect us. I put a condom on his cock so mommy can keep his sperm safe so you can feel close to daddy when he is away. While jerking his cock I talk to you about when you were just a little sperm and was inside daddy’s balls and was shot towards mommys belly. Daddy cums and has to leave to work. I put some of his milk inside your little babybottle so you can feel daddy very close to you. I give you daddys condom with his sperm as your new teddy bear. Now that daddy is away you can rest with me and his cum on our bed so he can still protect us!

Watching Mommy and Daddy Play Adult Game HD

Mommy and daddy are gonna play a game. You are not big enough to join us, but mommy is gonna allow you to watch. Mommy strips her clothes to daddy, you can see his cock going from soft to hard. She tells him to jerk his cock while he watches her masturbating with a glass dildo, then putting on a butt plug, peeing and riding a dildo. He is not allowed to touch her. At the end, she lets him cum on your pacifier and on her tits. She gives it all for momma’s boy to lick.

Your First Time With Mommy And Daddy HD

We had a rough year so we couldn’t buy you any presents this year so we teach you how to play with mommy and daddy parts, you can even use your old toys! I show you how to drive your little car throught mommy’s mountains and how good does it feel. Then I show you mommy’s cave and what to do with it. You learn how to play with daddy’s serpent. Daddy hides his serpent in the cave while you play in mommy’s mountains until mommy cums. I show you how to play with your serpent while I play with daddy’s. You learn that if you rub very nice the sensitive areas the serpent rewards you with warm milk!

Nursing On Mommys Clit Under The Blanket HD

Mommy is having a dream. She always has that dream when you are back inside her womb and that makes her feel very good, to have you inside her pussy. She moans and mumbles about it until she cums. When she wakes up, she looks under her blanket and sees you. You were sucking on her clit the whole time, cause she ran out of milk. She tells you to come close to her and breastfeeds you while talking how much she loves you and cares for you, and how good you made her feel by sucking on her clit.

Mom Sniffs Daughter Panty And Sucks Son HD

I walk into my daughter’s bedroom and I see my son sniffing her panty. I get mad at him first and tell him he can’t do this kind of things. I see that there’s pussy juice on the panty and I sniff a little. I get horny because it’s so wrong and start touching myself in front of my son. I see he has a boner so I tell him to put his cock out and masturbate with me while we both sniff her panty. Then I tell him to smell my pussy and worship the hole he came from and then sniff my stinky asshole. I can’t believe I’m doing these things this is so wrong but I can’t stop right now, I’m so horny and I want it to be dirty so I make him fuck my ass. He fucks my ass in different positions until I cum and he gives me an anal creampie. KW: anal, anal pov, ass fuck, son, amateur, creampie, panty sniff, panty smelling, panty fetish, caught, homemade, milf, mom, mommy, momma’s boy, family, taboo, roleplay, trigger words, TW, boy girl, POV, dirty talk,

Mommy and You Held Captive HD

Mommy (me) and son (you) have been taken captive by men. They tied me to a chair and put you in front of me. They put a vibrator on/in my pussy and make you watch. They also touch you in your places and makes me watch. I strugggle and beg them not to touch you, while I moan and feel confused cause I’m feeling sexually good.

Impregnate Your Snotty Mother HD

Mother gets so horny when she sees her son(you), I can’t help myself but beg for my son to impregnate me. I drool and blow my nose on my son’s face, I get so nasty next to my son. I spit and put lots of snot on my tits and pussy while my son fucks me.

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