A Bond Of Discipline And Love – Kendall Morr HD 1080p

My longest movie yet , and one of my new favourites !
I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did :)
I don’t know how many squirt and cum scenes their are but I know it’s well over 20 , but if someone can let me know after watching hehe that would be great ;)

7 Days With Your Daughter

Day 1 : How it all happened /
I am a babysitter for my dads friend and begin to tell the son about what my daddy has taught me , then I begin to show the boy I’m babysitting everything daddy has taught me I beg him not to tell my father but some how daddy finds out .

Day 2 : The Punishment /
Daddy locks me up again in the cage he has had for me I been in it before when I was bad so it’s not unusual , daddy fucks me rough in the cage and tells me he has a lot more in store for me this week to help me regain my hood girl behaviour.

Day 3 : Learning Lessons /
Daddy knows I am a slut who likes to smoke and fuck , today daddy makes me smile and get super horny , I beg daddy not to I get so horny and out of control when I smoke , but daddy doesn’t care . I cum and squirt all over myself and daddy. But enough isn’t enough with daddy.

Day 4 : Proper Hygiene /
Daddy teaches me how to be a clean girl for him how to keep up with my hygiene and smell fresh , with daddy teaching me how to brush my teeth , shave , and wash my body , I notice daddy getting hard and ask him if I can help him get clean , daddy fucks me and makes me squirt and cums inside me before joining me in the bubble bath to fuck me again.

Day 5 : Secrets /
I was snooping through daddy’s phone when I find him looking at photos of my friends , he tells me he has a explanation for all of this.

Day 6 : Sharing Is Caring /
Daddy has a explination for the other day , and when I open my eyes I see him and his three friends dick out in hand infront of my face , daddy explains all of his friends daughters show off how good they are and he thinks this week has prepared me for this and he thinks I am ready , I hesitate and beg daddy no I just want to be his , but daddy insists sharing is caring.
I eventually let up and daddy uses me first while his friends watch , when it’s time for everyone to use me I hesitate again but I give in so I don’t look bad for daddy , even though you can see the look of disgust on my face the whole time , with many cums and squirts.

Day 7 : Learning To Be A Good Obedient Girl /
On the last day day 7 with daddy he teaches me how to be a good girl for him , after the week is over and daddy is done using me I must do the laundry , daddy shows me how , and he also wants to use my pussy while I do the laundry , I do as I’m told and daddy cums.

At the end of the week you think I am now a good obedient girl again , but you know if i fuck up again and talk about what we do in the family house you will punish me again and again and again until I can learn !

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