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Making Mom Suck Dick for Your Silence HD

I don’t think it is any of your business what I was discussing with the repairman and there is certainly no need to mention it to my husband. Even if you try to make up some silly story about me blowing a stranger in the living room, I am sure your dad won’t believe it for a second. Ok fine, please just don’t tell him. I’ll do anything! No, that does not include a blowjob!

I can’t believe you talked me into sucking my son’s dick right in the kitchen just so you will keep quiet about the other dick I sucked. I guess you do have a pretty nice cock, though. One blowjob and you can even cum all over my bare tits but then you better keep this secret forever.

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Mommy’s Getting Divorced HD

Your father finally had me served with divorce papers, so you have a very tough decision to make: do you want to live with me or with your dad? You show me exactly where your loyalties lie with a 90 minute fuck fest on our white leather couch. We both let go: rutting, licking, sucking, and moaning the afternoon away. In the end, I don’t care if your father takes the house, the car, and all our savings as long as I get you.

This is a semi-POV shoot with Troy Francisco. He’s a really passionate lay anyway who prioritizes female orgasms, but I’d also been wanting to get my hands on him for a while, so this is A LOT OF SEX. Blowjobs, fingering, rimming, pussy-licking, fucking, and of course if you know me, you know how much I love hand jobs! In the end, Troy comes (you come) while being stroked between Mommy’s big, soft breasts, erupting and giving me quite a show!

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Son’s A Werewolf HD

How are you feeling, sweetie? I think you transformed into a werewolf last night! Mommy took some video before she knocked you out and locked you in the shed–for your own protection. Maybe that bite you got last week was supernatural?

We start researching how to fix you, but you spend most of the time stealing glimpses of my bare feet, bare pussy, and dark nipples visible through my thin little dress. I finally stumble across an obscure solution: ejaculation at the point of transformation. I wish we could find someone else for this, and I’m dreadfully nervous about it, but I really want to help you. Mommy will do whatever it takes to get you…excited and make you…come.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, you make me dress in an embarrassing bunny costume, complete with high heels and gloves. I tie you up for my own protection and lovingly lick your beautiful cock as you begin to transform. Your dick changes in my mouth, but I keep pleasuring you, even taking it between my big tits. You tell me that you don’t think you can come like this and convince me to untie you. I don’t know why I’m so horny, but your monstrous cock slides right into me as you roughly fuck me doggy style, cow girl, and missionary. You rake your claws over my bouncy tits and grab me by my throat as you drive me to several screaming orgasms. Then you BITE me as you finally come and cream pie Mommy’s thoroughly used pussy and change back into a man.

I think this worked, but you’re probably going to have to do this for Were-Mommy next month. Hopefully I don’t bite you back!

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Aunt’s Sexy Summer Footjob HD

It’s BBQ season again! That means I get to tease and torment you at all the family gatherings, slinking around in a slutty little bikini and making sure that you see my tits, ass, and FEET, adorned with sexy, little gold toe rings and a sparkly anklet. My feet really do drive you wild, don’t they? And I bet your uptight little wife doesn’t use hers to stroke you off or to tantalize you, does she? I won’t tell that we cheated if you don’t. We sneak inside for a stealthy suck, stroke, and fuck. I hope we don’t get caught, but I also want your huge cock, even if you are my nephew. I use my whole body to please you, gushing over your gorgeous, gargantuan penis. Thank god you manage to pump a load of cum into my tight, taboo pussy before your wife comes looking for you. We quickly dress again and you go back to your wife as I go back to my husband, your bountiful semen still dripping out of my sex.

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Cucking Your Asshole Father HD

Please don’t run away! I’m sorry your father won’t let you have a girlfriend, honey, but you can’t leave me here with him. Mommy loves you and will do anything to get you to stay. I notice you get hard as I beg you not to leave, so I slowly expose my big soft tits. My nipples stiffen with excitement as you let me take your thick beautiful cock out of your pants and stroke it and suck it. It has been so long since your father satisfied me that I pant like a desperate slut as you fuck my tits. Please stick that perfect cock in Mommy’s hungry pussy! This is what we both need. You make me come over and over as we fuck in three different positions and I tell you how much better you are than your father and how much that asshole deserves to be cucked by his superior son. You give Mommy a nice wet cream pie before I masturbate to one more in front of you with your cum dripping out of my deeply satisfied pussy.

I’ll tell your father that we’ve resolved this issue but that he shouldn’t rush to get home, stud.

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Exposing Mommy’s Kinks HD

You are the best son ever! You took Mommy to her kinky street fair when no-one else would go. Did you have a good time? Do you think Mommy looked sexy in her outfit? I got really… excited being there with you. I take off my robe and show you I’m wearing nothing but a special “MOMMY” collar I got at the fair. My big tits and wet pussy are sensually bound in soft bamboo silk rope. I show you what a masochistic slut Mommy is by putting clothes pins on my throbbing clit and perky nipples. Doing this in front of you makes me so horny that I beg you to be my master and let me suck your beautiful cock. Once I’ve used my mouth to get it as stiff as possible, you take your grateful slutty Mommy-slave from behind and fill me with your warm cum.

Now, what would you like for dinner tonight, Master? XOXO

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Mommy Fucks You in Her Old School Uniform HD

Look what I found in this old box in the garage: my school girl uniform! It looks kinda small, but…do you dare Mommy to try it on? I have had a few and I’m feeling really loose. Just promise not to tell your dad, okay? I make you close your eyes while I strip out of my clothes and try it on—you totally peek!—and it is indeed a bit small. You can see Mommy’s fat, round ass under the short plaid skirt. It’s such a tease that you flat out ask to see my panties! I’m feeling very persuadable, so I agree, showing off my sexy, pink thong. There’s something about wearing this that makes Mommy feel so…slutty. How about we do a little role-play? What does Mommy need to do to get out of detention? I’ll show you my tits, suck your cock, and even let you creampie my tight pussy! I can’t believe I’m doing this with my son, but it feels sooo good!

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Mommy Fucks You to Borrow Your Car HD

I can’t believe you asked me for an advance on your allowance. You’re such an irresponsible young man. Now, give me your keys, Mommy needs to borrow your car. I really need to get to work, honey, so just tell me what you want me to do. I give you all the money in my purse and ask you as nicely as possible before you make me strip for you and suck your beautiful cock. Despite my frustration, I let you know how much I enjoy blowing you. It makes me so wet that I agree to let you fuck me and cum in my pussy before you finally go looking for your keys. Thank you for helping Mommy unwind before her big presentation today, sweetie! XOX

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Mommy Milkers HD

Masturbating, masturbating, masturbating! That’s all you ever do anymore, sweetie. We could go out, watch a movie, play a board game, but instead you’re taking extra long showers and missing dinner just so you can jerk off. And to top it off you say that I’M the problem for being such a prude!

The next time you see me I’m dressed in a skimpy cow-print bikini, with a matching horned headband, AND a black leather collar with a cow bell dangling over my big tits. Whose the prude now, huh? Hop up on the kitchen counter and let your slutty mom see how much she can milk you!

You get on all fours, dangling your massive erection straight down. I cover it in lube and stroke it and suck it while I tease you with my massive tits. You shoot cum all over the counter for me to greedily lick up while I plead for more. You masturbate so much, you must be able to come again. I tie my tits up with pink rope for some extra encouragement and rub your dick all over them until you give me a second dose of delicious jism.

I’m is so fucking horny, baby. It’s so hot that you can come this much. Please shove that beautiful fat cock into my tight, wet pussy! I leave your cum on my tits and let them bounce wildly as you rail me from behind. You make me come over and over until you can’t take it anymore and decide to give your mom a hot wet cream pie.

I think it’s going to be a lot easier to spend time together now, sweetie. XOXO

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Mom’s Sweet Rewards HD

This is the moment we’ve been working towards for so many years. I open and read your acceptance letter and…you got in! I prepared something special to celebrate this moment. Can you guess what it is, sweetie? Recounting all the sacrifices you made to accomplish this, I slowly remove my conservative dress to reveal the stunning shining lingerie I’ve been saving just for you. Mommy is going to make-up for ALL of the activities you missed being her perfect little go getter. I lavish you with praise as I get on my knees and take your beautiful cock in my proud and eager mouth. Tenderly kissing, licking, and sucking your manhood makes Mom soooo excited. Sliding your perfect dick between my big soft tits, I tell you that Mommy will give you ANYTHING you want! You pick my pussy and fuck me from behind like the stud you are. After coming harder than I’ve ever come before, I let my hair down and ride you as hard as I can, coming again and again until you tell me you want to finish on my big tits. You give Mommy the biggest load of cum I’ve ever seen and I rub it all over my breasts before licking it off of my hand.

Mom’s rewards will always be the sweetest, big boy. XOXO

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Mommy’s BIG Boy HD

Well, look at you all dressed up! Big plans today? You’re going to ask a girl out… okay. That’s fine. This is fine, but get yourself to school today.

I’m waiting for you when you come home. Apparently she said yes, which is… just great. Mommy recognizes that you’re all grown up and have new needs and desires. Why don’t you let Mommy help you indulge in those desires. I pull a pre-roll from my cleavage. We’ll start by smoking to calm your nerves. It’s okay to cough. Now watch Mommy strip for you. I play with my big juicy tits and rub my pussy over my white lacy panties just to get you nice and hard.

Oh my god, you’re HUGE! That’s the most beautiful cock Mommy has ever seen. I’m going to make you feel so good, baby. I kiss and worship your cock, taking as much of it as I can in my eager salivating mouth. I can’t wait to get it into my aching jealous pussy. Mommy will show you that she can take care of your needs better than any silly girl you meet. I ride you cowgirl to a to a long squirting orgasm before getting on my back and letting you take me as hard as you can. You fill Mommy’s pussy full of your cum. Now go get cleaned up, sweetie, before we take another “smoke break.” XOXO

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Mom’s Pussy is for Athletes HD

So you lost the big game today and…kind of humiliated yourself. I’m is still proud of you for trying. Please don’t give up, sweetie. Let me take car of you tonight before you make up your mind. I prepare the bedroom and remove my silk robe to reveal a red micro bikini. After rubbing your sore muscles, I take my top off and show you what I’m willing to do after every game to keep you motivated. I lick your powerful cock while letting you know how badly I want you to be an athlete, and then—when you convince me you’re committed—I let you fuck my proud wet pussy to several screaming orgasms before you give me a hot cream pie. Good boy! XXX

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Relieving Mom’s Holiday Stress HD

There’s just so much to do! I wish I could wind down, but instead it’s and these new pills my doctor prescribed. Oh…you’re not supposed to mix them with Oops.


You know, for some reason I feel like my inhibitions are way down and I can think of one thing that will really relieve my stress: that huge, candy cane bulge in your pants! Maybe it’s weird that I’m your mom, but who cares, right? It’s the holidays! And I just need to get fucked so that I can come super hard like the little slut I am!


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22:07 Creampie and cum play

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Slutty Mom Study Buddy HD

Your teacher called and says you’re struggling. It’s been so hard keeping you focused on your work. What if mommy let you see more of her… boobs while we studied together? I unbutton my dress and flash you some DD cleavage while reading from your history book — and it works! mommy will give you whatever you want if you keep this up. I’m a little taken aback when you ask to see more of me, but I don’t see the harm and I’m so proud of you. I take my big tits completely out of my dress and play with them for your amusement before it’s time to make dinner.

I show up in a micro-bikini for our next session so we can get straight to work. You perform so well that I offer to give you another show, but this time you ask to see my … pussy. I’m embarrassed but, determined to keep you motivated, I pull my bikini bottom down and give you a full show of mommy’s vulva. It feels naughty and I play with my clit a little while you watch before deciding to end the session.

You wait for me in the study on Saturday and I show up completely naked. I can’t tell you how proud I am, darling, so I’m going to have to show you. You take your throbbing cock out and let me stroke it, lick it, and suck it while I fawn over you. I get so horny playing with your dick that I bend over the table and let you drill my tight wet pussy from behind. You fuck me like a stud and make me squirt all over everything before pouring hot cum into my quivering sex.

mommy didn’t know how much she’d LOVE being your study buddy! XOXO

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Stroking to Your Sister’s Ass HD

When I catch you spying on me as I get ready for my date, I decide to have a little fun with you. I start off just teasing you a little, asking if you like what I’m wearing, but when I notice that you’re playing with yourself as you stare, things really get going! You want to jerk off while you look at me? Fine, then I’m going to look at you, too, and it’s not good resisting!

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Very Inappropriate Ride Home With Mommy HD

I’m parked over here, darling! Everyone else seems to have left, what took you so long? Oh my, you’re all sweaty and flushed. Do you like my new bikini? You asked me not to wear the one I had on earlier, so I changed. Did I make you hard again, sweetie? Get in the back seat and keep a look out and Mommy will help you come again. I’ll rub your hard-on all over my big tits before I see how much of it I can take in my mouth. This feels so naughty and is making Mommy so horny. Please fuck Mommy’s pussy in the back of our car! You can lose your virginity the same way Mommy did. After you give me a screaming orgasm, I let you decide pick where your cum goes again. In my coffee?! What is with you feeding me your cum today? I’ll do it because you fucked Mommy so well. Since my bikinis seem to give you so much trouble, how about I drive home naked?

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Pampered Penny On Public Display HD

Sometimes little diaper sluts just need to parade around the streets in bondage while gagged and padded. I strip out of my big girl outfit of sexy latex right out in the open before taping myself into a big pink diaper for anyone to see. I diaper myself but after I have my hands tied behind my bag and big pacifier stuffed in my mouth, I will not be able to change myself without permission.Of course, that leads to me being fed a bottle of water so I will have no choice about wetting my diaper in public.

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Sunbathing Mom Surprised by Your Perfect Cock HD

I’m lying outside in a slutty swimsuit when you just can’t control yourself anymore. You come ask me to help you with…something inside. I’m pretty sure that I know what you just want me to talk you off and tease you about your cock—until I actually see it. I’m so impressed that I masturbate along with you, exposing my big, beautiful breasts and rubbing my clit, telling you what a gorgeous, perfect dick you have. I tell you how I want you to jerk it in order to get me off, touching yourself all over and getting me very excited. I tell you exactly what my pussy feels like as I finger myself. I’ve changed my mind; you can cum “bother” me whenever you like!

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Still Mommy’s Diaper Baby HD

You can’t go out with some girl tonight, you’re supposed to spend the evening with Mommy! Well, if you insist on seeing this…tart, then Mommy is going to insist that you keep it in your pants, or rather — in your diaper! Now, drop your pants and show Mommy what she’ll be padding this evening. Wow. That is small! You should be grateful that Mommy is doing you the favor of pampering your petite penis, because I’m sure this girl would lose interest if she saw it. She might even laugh, and of course you know you can’t count on some girl to keep a secret, not like Mommy will.

You know, it’s kind of appropriate that I have you in a diaper, because I just happen to be wearing a sexy, lacy, pink nursing bra. Do you know what diaper boys like to do? They like to suck on Mommy’s nipples, don’t they? Your mouth feels so good that Mommy has no choice but to masturbate while you nurse. Keep doing that until…Mommy…COMES! How much do you think you would have to do that before I start to make milk again?

You’re eager to make your date, but before I let you go, you are going to wet that diaper for Mommy. Stand and let me look up at you while I play with myself and encourage you to pee. Do it for Mommy, baby. I want to smell your squishy, embarrassingly wet diaper. Mommy wants to smell your pee…good boy!

Now which one of us should answer the door when your little date arrives?

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JOI to Mom’s Yoga Body HD

Ready to do some yoga with your Mom? I run through a series of sexy stretches and poses as you watch, practically drooling over my MILFy curves, which are accentuated by tight, my hot pink, yoga outfit. You’re barely keeping it together when I insist that you start participating more. You manage to resist, but when I lean in to help you stretch, my bit, MILF tits in your face, you can’t help but get an erection.

But it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, sweetie. And since I made you all stiff, then I can help you get release. I unclasp my sports bra and tell you to stroke your big cock as fast as I play with my big, soft tits. But don’t come yet. Watch me peel the pink leggings and thong off of my round, juicy bottom before sensuously oiling up my breasts and ass.

I know it’s naughty, sweetie, but I really like it. I drip oil onto my pussy and rub my clit in your face while you continue to jerk off to my instructions. I get closer and closer to coming before I can’t wait anymore and countdown to a simultaneous release and you cover my pussy in your jizz as I reach my own screaming orgasm.

Isn’t it fun to stretch it out with Mom?

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