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You have been told your daughter is going out to clubs dressing and acting like an absolute slut and you are determined to catch her and punish her.

She always sneaks in and out before you see her, she knows you will go crazy and is very careful not to get caught.

Well tonight is the night you are going to catch the cheeky little slut, you are going to hide under her bed then she wont be able to lock you out of her bedroom like she always does, perfect idea.

You get comfortable under the bed and wait, she finally gets home and she’s on the phone to her friend chatting about the night.

What the hell is she wearing!

A red leather mini skirt, stockings and a tiny crop top you feel yourself getting angry.

Right thats it she’s getting punished big time you are just about to leap up and shout at her but she stands right over you with her legs apart, she has a tiny thong on and you can see right up to your daughters pussy and ass. Damn you really shouldn’t be getting aroused by your own daughter but fuck you cant take your eyes off her tiny thong, it looks sweaty and a bit wet where she has been dancing and whatever else she has been getting up to. She squats down still not seeing you and her pussy and ass are even closer to your face.

She is talking to her friend about how sore she is from dancing and fucking, FUCKING!

You again want to leap up and ask her what the hell does she think she’s doing but you can smell her pussy its so close and the smell makes you hard.

She massages her ass and re arranges her thong and her pussy lips are poking out of her thong. You are trying not to have filthy Incestuous thoughts about her but Fuck you want your own daughters sweaty little pussy, you want to smell and taste her little cunt.

She finishes her call and lies down on the bed tired, you wait until you are sure she has nodded off and crawl out from under her bed.

Your plan is to sneak out so she will never know you were there but you just stand there staring at her rubbing your rock hard dick, she’s lying on her front on the bed her little skirt hitched up and her little dirty panties on show.

You move closer to get a better look then closer, too close damn! she wakes up startled asking why the hell her daddy is in her locked bedroom.

She tries to cover herself up and then realises you are hard and aroused by your own daughter.

She now realises that she is in control not you, you should be punished for being possessive of your daughters slutty pussy.

She starts teasing you flashing her pussy asking if thats what you want, do you want to smell and taste her little sweaty smelly thong? You would fucking love to do that but say no but she says you have to otherwise she will tell Mom you have been hiding and perving on her. You smell and put your tongue around her dirty sweaty thong, you love the smell of your daughters cunt and she has you wrapped around her little finger.

She then pulls her thong to the side and tells you to lick her little asshole and pussy clean.

You eat your daughters pussy and asshole in different positions, with her winking her asshole at you and you burying your tongue deep inside both her holes.

She rides your face with you sucking and licking her beautiful cunt and ass until she cums hard for her daddy.

Now get out daddy before I tell mom,

and if you behave yourself she might let you become her dirty little asshole slave xx

This was ordered as a custom.

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