Daddy Daughter Taboo Love – Penny Loren HD 1080p

Your perfect girl has been out shopping and wants to dress up and show you all the teeny tiny outfits she has bought.
She doesn’t want anyone else to see her body apart from you, her own biological father. She starts off a little shy but after lots of compliments from you on her tight body she gets more and more confident even giving you a little tour around her body. Her tits, bald pussy and asshole that you wash and she wants you to keep washing for ever and ever as she loves you so much. Her favourite parts of the day are you cleaning up her princess private parts after she has had a pee pee and she loves sitting on your lap and playing with your worm. She wants to please you and make you so proud as all daughters should do this for their dads as payback for you looking after her.
She wants to kiss you like a big girl and have deep passionate kissing with tongues as it makes her private parts feel funny and wet. She giggles and sucks her thumb asking permission to climb up onto your lap, she wants to make your worm grow all big and hard. Dad.. I love warm milk and I want to make warm milk come out of your worm. She wants to suck and clean the cock that made her and she gets to work struggling to fit it in her mouth kissing and licking it looking so innocent. Her mouth feels so fucking good around your daddy dick, her soft lips her bald pussy getting wetter and wetter and you cant hold it in anymore for your little girl and spray your big daddy warm milk load all over her pretty face.

This was ordered as a custom.

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