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It’s Christmas Eve, and your daughter is helping her fiance with the church Christmas Pageant. She is dressed as a reindeer, and she looks cute as ever. You don’t like her fiance, as he is a conservative church goer who you don’t think your daughter needs. She is a virgin, waiting for marriage to have sex with him, and she is feeling boxed in. She wants to express her sexuality, but she is stuck between wanting to be a good wife and Christian to wanting to feel and experience sex. When she gets back from the pageant, she is a bit disheartened, needing reassurance as her husband refuses to acknowledge her body. She is needy, curious, wanting something she doesn’t know yet, but she wants to remain pure… Daddy suggests the common ass loophole, and while you two are talking, you start to get hard. She gets even more turned on, and when she thinks about it, if God doesn’t notice the sex, then technically it’s not wrong to fuck her daddy either… You two then give in, and you take your daughter’s virgin ass… She loves it, and she takes it slowly, easing up the pace. Finally, you fill your daughter’s ass with your cum, and she can’t help but want more… This truly was the best Christmas present, Daddy…

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