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*use of taboo trigger word with “accidental” creampie*

You watch as your daughter gets ready to leave for her Halloween party, dressed in a sexy WonderWoman costume. She grabs her coat to get ready to leave, but you stop her, degrading her for dressing so slutty, angry but attracted to her, pulling her top down to show how easy it is to see her nude in that thing. She’s mad, and a bit disgusted as she sees you get hard for her. She asks if you’ve always been attracted to her, telling him that it’s wrong. However, she’s still a bit curious… She asks you to show her your cock, and to her surprise, you do.. She gets down to suck it, and she guides you to the bed for you to fuck your own daughter. She loves you, and she knows it’s wrong, but she doesn’t care. It does hit her, however, that she is fertile and not on birthcontrol, and you’re fucking her raw… She asks you to pull out, but you don’t. You say it’s an accident, but of course she knows better… It’s okay, daddy. She still loves you, even though she might get pregnant… Now, can she go to her party now? Maybe tonight she can slip into your bed for more fun…

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