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Loving Milky Mommy 4k

Hi Son, I’ve noticed you eyeing my milky boobs and even getting hard from seeing Mommy pump out milk from them. Let’s start a daily ritual of love, milky cuddles, sweet talking and Mommy taking good loving care of you. This is our first time, I show you my boobs and play with them to make you feel comfortable. I also show you how I squirt milk out just for you. It turns Mommy on seeing you watch. You cuddle into my milky boobs to soak in all of my love. You’ve been such a good boy for Mommy. I see you have a drippy hard-on now- Mommy helps you with a milky blowjob and you fill Mommy’s mouth full of cum.

Fantasy Includes: Mommy Roleplay, Mom and son fantasy, breastmilk fetish, breastfeeding fetish, loving mommy, milf, moaning, POV, milk milky, dirty talking, closeups, close ups, family, rituals, comfort, love, boob play, nipple play, large nipples, lactating, lactation.


Making Sister Your Submissive Valentine 4k

You’ve been fantasizing about your hot sister for years! This Valentine’s Day you were left alone at home with her, this is your chance! You make her your submissive Valentine.

Fantasy Includes: taboo roleplay, squirting, moaning fetish, submissive, sister roleplay, nipple clamps, school girl outfit, ball gag, butt plug, ass spreading, masturbation, crying, begging, spanking ass, pussy and boobs, milf, kink, blonde, love, dirty talk, valentine’s Day, horny, strip, big nipples, big boobs, POV


Impregnation Fantasy With Daddy POV HD

You’ve always had your eye on your friend’s daughter and fantasized about fucking her. One day, you go to your friend’s place to find her alone. I tell you that he’s running late and told me to keep you company. I ask if I can call you Daddy and you quickly agree. I am ovulating and very fertile, and there’s no time to waste! So, I begin stripping for you and tell you how I want you to fuck me and get me pregnant. You love it, so you watch while I keep begging you to fuck me! Lots of dirty talking throughout. Then I spread my pussy for you and beg you to fertilize me now. First we fuck with me bent over, then I ride you and then I spread my legs for you to fill my pussy with all your cum. Your cock feels so good bareback up my pussy. I then touch your cum as it begins to creampie out of me and thank you. Months later, you come to visit and I show you my pregnant belly. Fantasy includes: POV virtual sex impregnation fantasy pregnant boobs shaking ass shaking creampie tons of dirty talk blonde homewrecker moaning fetish pussy spreading


I Fucking Love Porn! XOXO HD

I am so horny and my newest porn magazine just arrived. I cant wait to fuck it! You really want to watch and jerk off with me, but I don’t care about you. All I care about are the girls and cock in my porn. I get super horny over it, masturbate and squirt all over the girls faces full of cum. I love it so much, I get out my vibrating wand to make me come again and squirt more on them. I show you all my squirt on the porn and the floor. Fantasy Includes: porn magazine blonde boobs big tits nipples tongue licking pussy spreading play dirt talk dirty talking cum squirt squirting orgasm kink humiliation milf moaning multiple orgasms vibrating wand toy love xoxo


I’ll Never Nag You Like Your Wife Does 4k

Your wife is a big nag! I hate how she treats you! You come visit me after you had sex with your bitchy wife who gave you an ultimatum-choose her over me. You thought you came to break off with me (your beautiful home wrecking mistress) to keep your nagging wife happy. But she doesn’t know who she’s dealing with. I see how stressed you are and lovingly comfort you, dirty talk you, build you up and trash talk your wife. I’m so loving, so sweet, and oh so sexy, captivating and convincing. I tempt you with my words, alluring voice, my love and with my boobs as I slowly strip for you. You can’t resist, your cock and heart are telling you to fuck me! I am always so happy to see you- my smile is the highlight of your week! You always feel so good, so loved, so wanted, so amazing when you’re with me. You NEED me! I bring my pussy to your face- your wife doesn’t have a tight pussy like mine. Your wife an’t make you feel as good as you feel up my tight pussy. You lick my pussy as your cock gets harder for me. Then, I ride your amazing cock and moan and dirty talk. You push me down and fuck me as hard as you can, and cum inside me. You completely drained your balls inside me and I love it! Thank you for choosing me XOXO Fantasy Includes: Home wrecker homewrecking homewrecker home wrecking horny blonde dirty talk big boobs tits tight pussy closeups POV virtual sex virtual fucking playful cum play humiliation wife bashing cheating mistress moaning pussy slapping spanking


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