Revenge of the Alligator Ladies (2013)

Directed by: Jesus Franco

Stars: Antonio Mayans, Jesus Franco, Irene Verdu

Language: Spanish | Subtitles: English, German (embed)

Country: Spain | Ar: 1.85:1 | Dvdrip

Also known as: Alligaytor

Description: Al Pereira was so disappointed after his last film that he doesn’t ever want to work with Jess Franco again, who is constantly insisting on it. On top of it all, he can’t get rid of the Alligator Ladies, plus he has to face new problems with his family, his religious faith and even his own sexuality.

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CarryLight – Brother Grinding And Cums On Yoga Pants Sister With Penetration HD

She is bend over at the window, when the guy comes up behind her. She is in yoga pants, and he still has his boxers on when she starts grinding on his dick. It’s a pretty awesome scene, and he eventually takes out his dick and shoves it in her pussy for some standing doggy and regular doggy before shooting a load over her ass. Enjoy!

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Jodi West – Mother Plays A Dangerous Game!


Jodi has been getting everything set for her and her husband to spend a romantic moment in their new hot tub. She stands uncomfortably in her small silver bikini and net sarong. Jodi believes this is a bit inappropriate for a mother, but she is trying to rekindle the romance that has been slowing in her marriage.
Peter, her son, comes in to drop off some fresh towels. As she is bent over the tub checking the dials, he grinds against her scantily clad body. “No! I told you we will have no more of that! Your Father will be here in a minute”. Jodi rushes Peter off, then dips into the water

Jodi beckons to her husband to come into the water for the romantic setting she has prepared. Father joins her with two full cocktails in hand and they discuss the evening plans.
“Mind if I join?” her son asks entering the room again.
“I don’t think that’s such a good idea” Jodi protests to her husband. “No, come on in” He answers. “this is the Family’s hot tub”

As Peter sits, Jodi turns her back to him to continue her conversation with her husband. Under the water, a very different game is playing out. Peter reaches, out of his fathers view, and grabs his mothers bottom. “OH” Jodi exclaims and spins around. “Is something wrong?” her husband asks, not knowing anything that is transpiring under the water and behind her back. “No, I must have just seen a bug”.

The inappropriate handling does not stop, once Peter realizes his father can not see what is going on. Soon, Jodi succumbs to the message and reaches behind her back to stroke her son’s engorged member.
Will the two finally get caught in their forbidden TABOO tryst? It gets very close as Father notices his son groaning in the corner behind his wife. “Do you think he is okay?” Father asks. “Oh, yes, it is probably just something he ate” Jodi replys, and continues their casual conversation about where they will eat dinner, all the while masturbating her son to orgasm just under the surface of the warm water.


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My Daughter The Sex Slave – April Dawn HD

Please dad I’ll do anything for a car! I’m the only one that doesn’t have one. Just tell me what to do and I will do it. Wait… You wan’t me to be your sex slave? Forever??? I think that can be arranged hehe ;)

TIME: 23:52

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JerkOffInstructions – Crack Whore Edition HD

Helping my stepbrother rub one out (with Nadia White)

Nadia caught you snooping around her dad’s desk. What were you doing in there, anyway? Wait. What are you smiling about? Ugh! Stop looking at her titties! She knows that you peep on her all the time. You are such a dirty pervert. Ew! You have a boner! But wait…it looks kind of big. Will you show it to Nadia? Please? She promises not to tell anyone. If you do as you are told, Nadia thinks that you could have a little fun together. Will you let her watch you jerk off? Of course you will! She spits into your hand so that you have some lube. Now slowly stroke your shaft up and down. You want to look at her titties and she knows it, so she finally gives you what you want. As she removes her bra, she tells you to stroke just a little bit faster. Her big titties have pierced nipples and you love that. She is wearing sneakers and no panties – an odd combination that somehow turns you on – like she doesn’t really care. You love that. Do you want to cum on her fat tits today? If you give her a big load, then you can cum on them. She encourages you to cum quickly on her titties and you do exactly what your stepsister asked of you.

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My stepsister jerk off fantasy just came true (with Alison Rey)

You found your stepsister just before she was going to sneak out of the house to go to a rave. If you rat her out, though, be prepared. She snooped on your computer and she knows the kinky things you have been watching. You are into stepsister porn? You pervert! Will you keep her secret about the rave if she helps you to jerk off to her right now? You agree and immediately get your fat dick out and begin stroking it. Did you know that Alison hears you jerking off in your room at night? She likes listening to you. Go on and jerk off your dick just like you would if she were not there. Alison takes off her frilly skirt and lets you look at her pretty ass. She guides you through your taboo jerk off session. You cannot believe that she is letting you do this. Do you fantasize about licking your stepsister’s nipples? Alison knows that you do and she cannot wait to see how full of cum your balls are for her. “Do you like my pussy, big brother?” she teases. Very soon you are busting out a fat nutt to your sexy stepsister.

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Stroking off for a girl in glasses (with Jay Taylor)

A hot girl wearing eye glasses is the sexiest thing you can imagine. Jay has a pair of big, black glasses on and you are transfixed. She wants to watch you jerk off today as you watch her. Does that sound okay to you? You take your cock out and Jay puts her hand down her tight shorts. If she likes the way you stroke, she will show you more of her. She pulls off her socks to show you her feet. Clearly loving your technique, she takes her top off and you get to look at her titties as she plays with them. Her shorts come off and she is now wearing only those glasses and a smile as she plays with her pussy. She is eager to watch you cum. Make sure that you give Jay all your jizz so that she will play with you again in the future.

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Cumming on Amelia Onyx

Amelia owes you money. She saw some totally cute shoes that she must have. Is there any way to convince you to forgive her debt? She will help you jerk off, if you like. You pull out your big cock and she immediately is impressed enough to show you her soft titties. You are oddly turned on that she chews gum throughout your time together – like she does not even care. Amelia stands up and reveals her round ass as you continue to stroke your dick. Watching you rub your cock is turning her on and she cannot resist playing with her pussy. She wears her sneakers and socks as she continues to work her pussy. Are you almost ready to cum? Give it to Amelia right into her mouth and onto her titties.

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I hate your foreskin (with Kimberly Gates)

Kimberly enjoyed dinner with you and she is ready for a nightcap. Are you? She wants to get right to it, so she asks to see your dick. She is obviously less than thrilled that you are not circumcised. There is no way she is going to suck your dick with that nasty foreskin. Your only option is to jerk off for Kimberly. She will help you along, but she wants nothing to do with that cock of yours. Think about scheduling your surgery soon, but for now, start stroking yourself. Kimberly shows you her very perky titties and that gets you nice and hard. The look of disgust on her face actually seems to be turning you on. She slides her panties off and you look at her pretty pussy while continuing to stroke your dick. As long as you promise to keep your foreskin away from Kimberly, she decides to let you cum anywhere you like.

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Jerking off for Amethyst Banks

Amethyst is looking for some post-workout sex and she came to you. Grab a condom and get to fucking! Oh, wait…you don’t have a condom? Well, she will not fuck you without one, so today you will just have to jerk off for her. Get out your dick and get to it! You love seeing Amethyst in her spandex pants and sports bra, but soon they are removed so that you can see her sexy body underneath. This sexy, petite black and Mexican girl is exactly your type and jerking off to her is something you do even when she is not there in front of you. Her shaved pussy is practically begging for your cock, but you cannot have her without a condom, so keep stroking off till she decides you can cum.

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Totally horny slut needs to you to cum all over her (with Kasey Warner)

Kasey was a slut the last place she lived. Her mom made her promise not to be the town slut anymore, but it is hard for Kasey. Would it be okay if she took off her clothes, watched you jerk off, and then have you cum on her? Yes? Perfect! Get your dick out and start working yourself for Kasey. Immediately Kasey is going crazy with desire and she is eager to show you her pussy. Just do not stop stroking yourself! You like her hairy bush and you like how turned on she is by you jacking off. She fingers her pussy and you can hear how wet she is. You cannot wait much longer to cover her with your big load. She looks so desperate that you finally drop your jizz all over this horny slut’s wide-open mouth and tongue.

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Premature ejaculation coaching with ginger Kassondra Raine

The last time you and Kassondra had sex, you came too quickly and she had to take care of herself. It is not fair to her, but she wants to help you. Do as she tells you and unzip your pants. Take out your cock and get that cock nice and hard. You would do anything this sexy redhead asked of you. She asks you to spit on your hand and rub it on the head of your cock. Yes, get it nice and wet. If you feel like you are going to cum, stop stroking and squeeze the head of your cock tightly. You cannot cum until Kassondra says so. She ups the ante and removes her bra to show off those perky titties. As she guides you through your jerk off session, you feel like the tips she gives you will help you to last longer the next time you fuck her – and that is the whole point. You want to be able to last long enough to make your girl cum. Right now, she has control of your orgasm, so just do as you are told.

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Cynthia aka Cytherea – Squirt Queen HD

Full 83:56 minute video!

– 35 years old mother of two
– Is an ex pornstar known for squirting
– Came out of retirement to do this shoot
– Has been a squirter since her first orgasm
– Used to host orgies at her house before being a mom
– Has a best friend who fucks her with strap-on
– She loves being fucked hard and dominated
– She took dick deep in her ass and loved it
– Of course, she squirts a lot in this video
– Took a cum facial at the end

Scene starts with an interview where Cynthia talks about her personal life and previous sexual experiences. Then she goes down on her knees to suck the guy’s cock. She starts rubbing her pussy before he fucks her on missionary position. She moans a lot and seems to be really into the whole thing. Theres even a part that she starts to shake like crazy and goes to the bathroom to pee lol. Scene also contains cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, anal and facial.

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Lana Rhoades Uses Her Brother For Some Fun HD

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Eveline Dellai & Sylvia Dellai Real TWINS Assfucked Together With Timea Bella HD

The Dellai twins, Silvia and Eveline are teaming up with Timea Bella for an ass-centered fuck extravaganza.
It starts with the girls loosening up with dildos before being joined by the guys.

Includes fondling, fingering, cunnilingus, rimming, dildo, blowjob, deepthroat, cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl, doggy-style, sideways, missionary, double penetration, anal, ass to mouth, cum in mouth, interracial

Silvia Dellai, Eveline Dellai, Timea Bella, Kid Jamaica, Erik Everhard, Tony Brooklyn

About Silvia

Aliases: Dellai Twins, Silvie, Sylvia Dellai

Nationality: Italian/Czech

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Birthday: July 10, 1993 in Trento, Italy

Languages spoken: Italian, Czech

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Hazel

Piercings: Left cheek; navel; tongue

Tattoos: Star lower right belly; star lower left belly; angel wings upper back; partial sleeve upper right arm; script under left breast; garter belt right thigh; ribbon bow lower back; script “Liberte” right collar bone; design left ankle; design right ankle

Weight: 48 kg

Height: 158 cm

Measurements: 32B – 24 – 33


As half of Italy’s infamous Dellai Twins, tiny babe Silvia Dellai is two times the trouble.
Slim, gorgeous, and covered in sexy tattoos, she might be one of the loveliest newcomers in Europe.
But don’t let that angelic smile fool you, because you’re looking at the naughtier twin!
It was Silvia who convinced her sweet sis Eveline to leave their hometown of Trento to join Prague’s thriving porn industry in 2015.
The twin spinners get busy on separate sets, before coming home to their shared apartment, where they stage wild, all-night parties with the hottest talent in town.
Then rinse and repeat, the very next day!
Naturally fit and flawless, she never sets foot in a gym, preferring to enjoy gelato by the pool instead.

About Eveline

Aliases: Evelinka Dellai, Dellai Twins

Nationality: Italian/Czech

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Birthday: July 10, 1993 in Trento, Italy

Languages spoken: Italian, Czech

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Hazel

Piercings: Navel

Weight: 44 kg

Height: 160 cm

Measurements: 32AA – 27 – 32


One half of the well-known Dellai twins, Eveline Dellai is fast becoming the Czech porno scene’s subsequent it-lady.
Hazel eyes, black long hair and a perfect body to work your fantasies with, Eveline wants to delight you with her adult shows.
The naughty brunette is famous for her tight pussy, no wonder men almost beg to fuck with her.
She loves hardcore sex and big dicks that know how to fuck a woman’s holes!
Eveline has been actively shooting for two years and so far she has been performing in genres like threesome, public, masturbating, POV, bondage and striptease.

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Best Animated Porn Compilation – “Nier Automata” Edition [1080p] [WITH SOUND] [50m]

Hey guys, I just finished making another animation compilation. This one is all about a popular videogame called Nier Automata.
The popular female characters are: Android 2B and Android 9S.

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The compilation is 50 minutes long and is made out of about 130 clips. You will find all sex positions in here. Most videos in this compilation are in 1080p. But there are also some 720p ones that were upscaled to 1080p. The whole compilation has sound!

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Spanish Family REAL INCEST!

REAL Mother-Daughter-Father Foursome!

This is the third an last video from the famous Spanish incest family. As always the video starts with an interview, breaking out the family pictures and passports/id’s to confirm the family bond. Some dude introduces himself, and starts making out with the daughter, while the mom and dad watch them from a corner. When the dude starts stripping the daughter and eats her out on the bed, the mother and father get hot and bothered, and also begin to make out and proceed to the bed, so the father can eat the mother. Then all go ahead and fuck (missionary, doggy, 69). There is no interaction between father/mother/daughter. See my other videos for that. After a while the daughter gives the dude some head while father watches them and the mother joins the head giving (to the father). They return to bed, and fuck again. The video ends with a cumshot from the father on the mother and the dude on the daughter. As always there is an after fuck review :D

REAL Mother-Daughter!

This is the video where the mother and daughter make sweet sweet love :laugh: while the father relaxes on the couch watching the show.
The video starts like always with an interview. The father retreats to the couch, and the mother and daughter start making out and stripping. The mother daughter then switch to eating each other and fingering (no 69 alas) :weep: . They break out the strapon and the daughter fucks her mother (missionary, doggy, cowgirl). When all is said and done, they bring the double headed dildo and start fucking each other, ending with the mother dildoing her daughter from behind. Freshly fucked, the video ends wit a nice shower, with a little bit tit sucking. Did the father masturbate? I could care less

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