Incesti Italiani 11 – Schiava di mio Padre – My Father’s Slave

Valentina Roma, Franco Trentalance, Valentina Busi, Michael Chabot, Isabella, Marco Nero, Nuvola Nera, Gianni Bello, Giov’x

Scene 1 – Schiava di mio padre(my father’s slave)
Christina is upset that her mother is no longer around to protect her from her father. Father calls her to his room and when she asks what he wants, he tells her she already knows, same as always, and fucks her. The next day, daughter asks father for a new pair of shoes since her old ones aren’t good in the rain. Father says he doesn’t think he can spend the money right now.
Father tells his gardener, Euri, he is doing a lousy job. Daughter pities Euri for having to work all day outside in the cold. Father brings home new shoes for her daughter, but tells her he shouldn’t have to explain what she has to do to get them. She gets down on her knees and sucks him off. Christina later meets Euri. He tells her she is beautiful. She says he is sweet and offers him coffee inside to warm up. Father comes home and catches them kissing. He tells Euri he is fired unless he lets his daughter suck him off in front of him. After he helps Euri fuck his daughter, Father casually reminds Christina he want a good meal prepared for dinner, and that Euri is not to return to their house for two months. After seeing his enjoyment about what happenned, Euri attacks father in the next room.

Scene 2 – fratelli si nasce(siblings grow up)
Brother wants to prevent a problem happening within his family. He discovers his sister watching lesbian porn (gotta love the two nuns tribbing lol) and tells her their parents will not approve of her decision of being a lesbian. He later tells her he is worried for her and about their parents finding out. He also tells her she is beautiful and that she can have any man she wants, though she has never married, probably out of confusion. A woman can’t give her what a man has to offer. Every woman needs a man and he decides to help her by showing her what a man in her life can do for her.

Scene 3 – con nostra madre(with our mother)
Andrea comes home and greets his mother in bed and tells her he heard voices. She tells her he is hearing voices because he misses his recently deceased father, as she does. When he finds his brother, Manuel, he says he didn’t feel well in the shower. He tells him he better be ready tommorrow at five to help him. Afterwards, he catches his mother masurbating in her room. The next morning, mother tells Andrea that his brother will be staying home with her today. He comes home later to find Manuel getting a blowjob from his mother, and joins them.

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