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You are alone home with you sister only! You two were supposed to have great sister & brother evening…you were hope to get out of her some good erotic information or advice!!! But your sister sharing with you NOW that she didn’t slept for 3 days and that she is very tired…and she is going in to her bedroom, as she was already taking some pills to help her sleep!!! That’s suck for you!!! But…you are sure, she is going to do some kinky staff with her erotic toy, she has in the drawer. It was just an accident you find it other day….just an accident!!!

You can’t missed that moment to peeping behind your sister’s bedroom!!! And you had right!!! She take the toy, spread her legs and start to masturbate!!! You did not expect such a view….and the ways she excites you right now!!! You always find your sister so hot but now you are in trouble!!! You want her more then ever!!! You start to jerk your cock…but your sister finish her joi before you did!!! And then so fats she feel down to sleep!!!

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And once again….you had fight with your parents…they never understand the young guy like you! But you already know where you can find someone who will! Your older sister is not living far away and you are always very welcomed in her house! Yeah…you will stay there for a couple of days….just to make the atmosphere home calm down…….But this time you miscalculate the situation!!! You didn’t calculate that your sister’s boyfriend will be present and they will completely fuck up their morning sex paly! When your sister open the door, she is not really happy to see you this time…but of course, she makes you stay. Now your sister and her boyfriend have to chatting with you…instead….!!! When your sister leave and getting back to her room, her boyfriend get the call from work and he has to leave immediately! He asks you a favor…to tell to your sister that he has to go urgently to the work. You get to the bedroom door, you open and see your sister laying on the bed with her eyes covered……at the moment you was hesitated…..but you didn’t!!! You take your chance! Your sister is so sexy and you get so hard in the moment!!! She would never let that happen…..but now when she things you are her boyfriend……you can do practically what ever you want to!!! What you were always fantasies of!!! You can put your hard dick into your sister mouth and make her blow you like a slut should do!!! You can feel how wet her pussy is getting feeling your cock!!! It is so exited…..for the very first time you will fucking your own sister and she does not have any idea!!! She just goading with your cock….you make your sister scream by pleasure!!! And she wants more and more…..in this moment you don’t even thing what the end will be….when she uncovered her eyes and realize she just get best fuck by her own baby brother!!!! You just enjoying that pussy and then, your first cumshot with your sister!!!

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