Brother & Sister’s Secret – Lady Fyre HD 1080p

You are caught smoking a cigarette by brother who tells you that he is going to tell mom and dad that you’re smoking. But he tells you that if you do something to him then he won’t tell. You continue smoking your cigarette while brother tells you that he keeps thinking about the birthday gift you gave him before and wants to have sex again. Brother tells you that he can’t get you out of his mind and what you both did together before. You reluctantly agree and say that brothers and sisters shouldn’t be having sex, let alone having your brother cumming inside you. But it felt so good before that you are willing to do it again. While you finish your cigarette, you start blowing brother to start getting him hard before moving to the bedroom.
You tell brother that if you’re going to have sex again that he has to wear a condom, but then when brother is ready to cum you tell him to take off the condom and keep fucking you, and then say that it felt so good before it’s OK if he cums inside you again. But you tell him that if you both are going to keep doing this then you are going to have to get on some kind of birth control. After he cums inside you, have him pull out so that the creampie is visible, but then have him insert his penis back in you and you continue to have sex for a few more seconds.

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