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My Ballbusting Sister – Jane has been recently laid off and has to move back in with her parents. She calls her brother into her room. She wants to borrow $300 for some new clothes. He asks her what she’s going to buy. She tells him that she’s going to buy some lingerie so she can wear it for your boyfriend. Her brother asks if her mom knows she’s fucking her boyfriend out of wedlock. He suggests that he will lend her the $300 if she takes her shirt off and sucks his cock. He says it’s either that or he tells her mom about all of this. She reluctantly agrees, but she has a plan. She takes her shirt off revealing her bare breasts. She impatiently tells her brother to take his pants off so she can get this over with. She tells her brother that she is surprised by how big his cock is. She begins to slowly put his cock in her mouth. She sucks it a few times slowly, then she slowly brings your hands up to his balls and caress, cups, and licks them. Suddenly, she squeezes down hard. Her brother yelps in pain as she’s holding on to his balls. She takes his cock out of her mouth and tells him that she has a better idea. She tells him that he’s going to agree to give her the $300, not borrow, and she won’t crush his balls. She gives his balls a squeeze again. Her brother yelps in pain. She tells him that maybe he needs a different type of convincing. She takes his cock deep into her throat this time. Her brother moans in pleasure. She slowly pull his cock out of her mouth and asks him if they have a deal.

She’s stroking his cock and cupping his balls. He agrees to the deal. She says great, but how about another deal. She tells him that for another $500, she’ll let him fuck her. And for another $200 on top of that, she’ll even let him cum inside her. Jane is still stroking his cock and it’s hard for him to think. He agrees. Jane tells her brother that he’s a fuckin pervert, but tells him to give her the money. Her brother hands her the money. She takes off her bottoms and gets on the bed. She tells him that she likes to be fucked hard and fast. Jane lets her brother gets on top of her and fucks her hard. First missionary, then doggy. She is so loud, she really loves it. She gets on top of him doggystyle and rides him hard for awhile. She asks her brother if he’s ready to cum inside his sister. He says yes. Jane turns around to reverse cowgirl and starts to ride him hard. He’s getting close to cumming and she announces that she’s close too. They climax at the same time and Jane reaches down and grabs his balls and squeezes them hard while he’s cumming. Her brother both stiffens up in orgasm and pain. Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, ballbusting, ball busting, CBT, cock and ball, female domination, femdom, testicle squeeze, balls, mean girl, mean girls, dominate, taboo, sibling, siblings, blowjob, blow job, creampie, cream pie, doggystyle, doggy style, cowgirl, cow girl, reverse, reverse cowgirl, reverse cow girl, family, related

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