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Mindcontrolling Mom – Bettie Bondage HD

You just got this amazing controller in the mail, that allows you to control the actions of others! After testing it out on friends for little things like making them quack or bark in class, you’ve decided that you want to use it for more nefarious purposes. You’ve decided you’re going to use it to control your mom into showing you her big tits! You walk into the living room to see her reading. Telling her about this new magic trick you learned, you begin to use your new toy. She reacts well, first pushing her tits out a little, before taking off her sweater and teasing a bit. You decide to move further, making her expose her tits and rub them for you, all while she realizes what she’s doing and tries to resist, obviously confused by her behavior. She scolds you but can’t fight the control you have completely, and so she leaves the room angrily.

You walk into her office minutes later where she sits, still angry with you for being such a pervert. You know that you have to take this further, and so you dial up the device and make her start to act really slutty, rubbing herself and talking about your cock! You have to feel her mouth on you, so you use the device to mind control your mom into sucking your cock! She keeps trying to fight the powerful force acting on her, switching between begging for your cock and telling you how much trouble you’re in! As she struggles with these conflicting desires, you decide you’ve got to fuck her, so you manipulate her into begging for it from behind! Seeing her begging for this and being so slutty has you so close, you make her get on her knees and take your huge load all over her face! You’re going to be so grounded for this…totally worth it!



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Deepthroat Blowjob for Daddy after Dance HD

Daddy! Daddy! Are you still awake? Good! I’m sorry to bother you so late, but there’s something I need to show you! I learned something new at the dance tonight! Do you remember Jimmy? Well, we were dancing and getting really close, so we decided to go behind the bleachers and get a little closer… and well… he showed me how to do this thing… he called it “deep throat”! It’s when I take your whole cock in my mouth and swallow it into my throat! He really loved it when I did it to him, he said I was a natural! I figured that since you’ve taught me everything I know about blowjobs Daddy, that maybe I could show you this and you would be proud of me! Does that sound good Daddy? Do want to see me deepthroat your cock? Ok!

*In this taboo roleplay video I play your not-so-innocent young daughter who wants to show you my new deepthroat blowjob technique! I get on my knees between your legs and slowly suck the whole length of your cock into my mouth! I gag a little, but I’m new at this, so you can help me practice! I suck your cock sensually until you shoot your huge load into my mouth, which is so big I can barely keep it all in my mouth! This video features gratuitous amounts of the top of my head as seen from above while I suck your cock so you can clearly see how my hair looks, especially how it parts!*

Category: DADDY’S GIRL
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Cum on Mommy’s Titties While Daddy is in the Shower HD

Hey honey, what’s going on? Do you need something? Your father is in the shower right now…. oh honey! Why are you bringing *that* in here? You know I can’t help you right now… not with your father in the house… it would be too risky! Ummm… well, I would sure hate to leave you like that… I know how much those erections bother you. Well… maybe I can help you but we would have to be quick and quiet and we have to hurry before he gets out of the shower! Hurry honey, come over here and drop your pants. Ok,…. mommy is going to pull her big breasts out so you can look at them while I’m stroking your cock. You know I don’t like doing this stuff when your father is home but today is his day off and we won’t have another chance and mommy just can’t leave you with a raging erection like that. Now you just focus on building up a huge orgasm for mommy and hurry honey! We need to finish quickly… yes baby, that’s it. Mommy is stroking your cock so good and you just need to cum for me… ok? Hurry baby, cum all over mommy’s big titties. That’s right baby, do it! Cum on my titties!

Category: MILF
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I always get what I want! – Kimberly Moss HD


Kimberly’s mom has recently remarried a really hot guy who she gets on great with. The thing is, that she is so attracted to him. She knows it’s wrong but she just can’t help it. When her mom leaves for her yoga class, Kimberly sees an opportunity to get exactly what she has craved for so long. With her heart beating so fast, she sneaks into the bedroom and climbs into bed with him. They both know that this is so wrong, but it just feels so right.

Daughter, Teen, Small Tits, POV, Spying, Cheating, Interracial, Rough Sex, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Cunnilingus, Anilingus, Facial, Cum in Mouth, Swallow


Lady Fyre, Raquel Roper – Greedy Mommies HD

Your mom & dad just got divorced & dad started dating Raquel. Most boys would feel bad about the situation, but you know that your mom wasn’t happy with your dad. How do you know? Well, in order to fulfill her needs, she’s been having sex with you. Apparently your father has a somewhat small penis & he doesn’t know how to use what he does have. So when Raquel marries your father you feel bad for her. She’s young, and you know it’s only a matter of time before she decides she’s not happy with your father.

Sure enough, today your mom decides to show Raquel how she can have her needs met. Raquel thinks you two are playing a trick on her, but once she sees your mommy sucking your cock, she knows that it’s real: you really are having sex with your mother. Mom encourages your new stepmother to suck your young dick. She reminds Raquel that you too aren’t that far apart in age. Also, it’s not like you’re really related. You barely know one another, and hey, if it feels good why not do it?

Mom hops on & rides you for a minute, and then she gets ready to turn around & ride you the other way, but apparently stepmom wants to try, and she teases your mom about being selfish. So finally Raquel gets a try, and it’s obvious she can’t get enough. They take turns on you until Raquel cums hard. The poor lady probably hasn’t been fucked into an orgasm since she met your father. When they’ve both had their fill, they tell you it’s your turn to cum. They’re both so considerate of your needs, and they work on you with a handjob, a blowjob, and even play with your balls… until you shoot your load so hard. You really hope your stepmom stays married to your dad so you can have threesome all the time.

Category: TABOO
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Breaking the Rules! Mom-Son Parody Incest Comics!

Breaking the Rules!
23 pages

Breaking the Rules 1.rar
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In the videos they kiss and play with each other, licking pussy, sucking tits, licking & toying assholes, sixty-nine etc!

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Making Mom Perfect HD MP4

***Continued from Mother’s Slut Conditioning ***

Things were great at first. My Mom did everything I said and was totally submissive. But pretty soon my Mom was starting to give me attitude and not do the chores I gave her. I knew it was time to tighten my belt and and administer some further discipline… Not to worry though, after a few days my Mother was fully under my control again. She’s now exactly what I want, a submissive slut who knows her son is always right – she’s perfect…. ***Starring Miss Brat***

scene1: Miss brat is punished by her son for not doing the laundry correctly. He first makes her give him a bj then gets her to ride his him, when he sees that she enjoys this too much he spanks her a bit then sends her on her way.
scene2: Mom is on her phone with her friend speaking about her son, he does not like that… so he takes her panties off gets her on her knees for a blowjob then puts her in standing doggy over the sink, this is followed by another short bj with a bit of rimming and then a bj swallow cumshot (implied). Safe to say she’s not gonna be talking about him anymore..
scene3: Mom is getting ready to go out with her girlfriends but her son thinks she was gonna go on a date. He gets her on the bed for a bj, then fucks her doggy then missionary. He thinks she deserves an extra punishment this time so he starts fucking her in her ass, first missionary then doggy. He then cums on her face while she suck his balls.

A lot of dirty talk and domination throughout.

Category: TABOO
Keywords: miss, brat, mom, son, mother, pov, anal, facial, training

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ABBA-41 Yoshie Ishihara Daizenshu

Best, Omnibus Married Woman Incest Mature Woman

scene1 Yoshie suck his dick, takes it all in her mouth then spit it
scene2 worship Yoshie’s ass
scene3 bedroom fuck, doggy and creampie
scene4 solo, Yoshie pays with herself, then a guy plays with her tits and some pussy fingering
sex in various position then he cum on her tits

PMS-146 Milky Sports 146 – Maria Ozawa

Scene one is Maria exercising and striping.
Scene two is Maria dressed as a cheerleader mastabating with some toys.
Scene three is Maria on a sofa in a swimsuit with two guys using toys on her.
Scene four is Maria in a swimsuit suck three guys untill they cum in her mouth or on her tits.
Scene five is Maira in a swimsuit sucking and then fucking a guy in various posions inc: missionary doggy reverse cowgirl and cowgirl ending in cum in mouth and on her tits.


[BOKD-005] My Shameful Body Yukino Akari, Metamorphosis Family

My Embarrassing Body Yukino Lights That Are Aratame-hatsu Metamorphosis Family

Scene 1: Yukino Akari is sitting on a bed in her room and a sketchy dude walks in. He wants to she what she has inside her pantyhose. She is very shy and finally shows the dude her cock. The creepy guy starts to fool around with her and even shows her his cock. After he convinces her to get undressed he starts to finger her ass. A quick blowjob leads to the guy putting his cock in her ass in various positions. There’s a great reverse cowgirl position Yukino Akari. Scene ends with a popped load next to her cock.

Scene 2: The scene starts off with the dudes wife? (Official website didn’t list this actress name) and she is looking to get some action from him. He fast asleep so she goes into the living room and starts drink to some Japanese beer. Yukino Akari walks out in a towel after she gets called by the woman. Drunk, the woman starts flirting with Yukino Akari and finally get to see what’s under her towel. She’s surprised and deep throats her cock! After a good tit fuck positions they 69 and Yukino Akari eats out her pussy as she cums in the woman’s mouth!

Scene 3: Seems another resident of the house is looking for a way to get off. He finds Yukino Akari bra in the washing machine and starts to jackoff. She finds him and they move into the bathroom. He shows her his cock and he starts giving him a blowjob. Some deep throating and some head grabbing ends in a small cumshot into Yukino Akari mouth which she spits onto her hand.

Scene 4: Threesome ends this movie as the creepy dude and the woman team up with Yukino Akari. Some kissing and tit fucking with blowjobs and double blowjobs. A dildo is put in Yukino Akari ass while the girl is sucking her off. A mini wand is introduced on her cock and she squirts all over while being held. Yukino Akari puts her cock in the woman’s pussy and the dude fucks her in the ass for a triple team. They switch positions to reverse cowgirl and the woman sucks her off while she’s getting fucked in her ass. To end the movie Yukino Akari gives the woman a creampie and the creepy dude fucks Yukino Akari in the ass and gives her a anal creampie!

Transsexual Anal Creampie 3P, 4P Solowork Cross Dressing

BOKD-005 – Shameful Body Was Totally Transformed.mp4

[SHIC-054] Principal Teacher Yukari Miyazawa To Sing The Love In The End Of This World この世の果てで愛を唄う校長先生 宮沢ゆかり




[MOT-193] Forbidden Relatives Love Beauty Busty Carnal Lust Mother Minako 45 Years Old G Cup (90cm) 禁断の近親愛 美巨乳肉欲色情母 美奈子 45歳 Gカップ(90cm)

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