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Mothers Vacation Plans – Total HD

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Blonde, POV (point of view), Dirty Talk

Living out his fantasy

Vanessa has planed a vacation for her and her son. The son thinks it’s a free trip but Vanessa has bigger plans. In the hotel room she has a heart to heart with her son. She found videos on his computer about sons having sex with their moms. It’s ok she understands men have fantasies and that her boy is growing up. That’s why she planed this little trip so he could get it out of his system and stop being awkward around her. She pulls off her top playing with her tits playfully rubbing his shorts. Don’t worry, mommy knows just what to do. She pulls off his shorts and jerks his cock in her hands. Vanessa rubs his dick against her breasts tenderly caressing it. He is about ready to explode and she quickly sucks his cock into her mouth, swallowing his cum. This is going to be a good vacation.

Mothers Vacation Plans 1 HD incezt.net.avi

We Are Not Leaving Yet

Bags are packed and Vanessa is sleeping and about to wake up. This vacation will be one she always remembers but now that this taboo fantasy is out of his system they can go back to normal. Before they leave the son has something on his cell phone he wants to show her. It’s a picture of her with his cock in her mouth. She screams at him to delete that, that no one can know about what happened here. But the son blackmails her, he wants her to suck him off every day or he will tell everyone. Vanessa reluctantly gets to her knees and sucks her son’s cock. He grabs her head and face fucks her showing her who is in charge from now on. He cums on her face as she realizes that she created a monster. She attempts to wipe it off but he makes her leave it as they walk out into the hall. For the son this vacation will never end.

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Molly Jane in My First Concert HD

Scene One:Brother takes over
Molly is listening to her music with her eyes closed, losing herself in the sound. Her hand slides down to her pussy and she starts to rub. Her brother walks in and tries to get her attention. Seeing her completely dazed and masturbating he takes a chance, pulls down his pants and slides his cock in her mouth.
Molly keeps her eyes shut and pretends that she is sucking on the cock of the lead singer. She doesn?t care about anything except the music. Laying down she spreads her legs wide for that large cock to fuck her. The music plays in her ears and her tits bounce as the cock fucks her to the beat. She lets him cum all over her face, and sucks the rest off this throbbing cock. ?That song was really awesome?

Molly Jane in My First Concert 1 HD incezt.net.avi

Scene Two: After the concert with mom
Molly and her mom Cory have just come back from her favorite bands concert. She is ecstatic about the lead singer, non stop talking about him. Cory leans in and gives her daughter a sensual kiss, reaching into her dress. The girls kiss, Molly thinking about being a groupie for the band.
Cory gets on the floor and smiles, licking her daughter. Moaning and stretching she releases her emotions. Molly returns the favor to her mom, licking and fingering her until she cums on the bed. ?This is wrong? Cory says quickly leaving the room. Molly just puts her headphones back on and looks at her signed photo from the concert.

Molly Jane in My First Concert 2 HD incezt.net.avi

Scene Threeay Dreaming
Molly is daydreaming what it would be like to suck and fuck Bobbie from her favorite band. As Bobbie you walk into the room of your biggest fan. She sees you and ravenously pulls off your pants. ?You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this? she tells you sucking on your cock.
Bending over she asks you to put it inside her. You fuck her from behind giving her the fantasy fuck she always wanted. She then pulls off her dress and gets on top of you. She fucks you, smiling at you, moaning for you, telling you how it’s her dream to fuck you. As you fuck her, her mom walks in the room. ?I want you to cum inside her tight little pussy for me? she tells you. You cum inside Molly, and the two girls lay side by side rubbing their pussies for you.

Molly Jane in My First Concert 3 HD incezt.net.avi

Scene Four: Dad fills in
Molly is listening to her music looking at her photo and masturbating on the couch to it. Her dad walks in to see her with her legs spread and her hand rubbing. He runs his fingers into her pussy and helps her. She gets turned on by his strong fingers and, imagining it’s Bobby, straddles on top of her dad.
They fuck hard on the couch, dad drilling into his daughter from behind. He pulls her hair tight as she gets fucked like the groupie she wants to be. She cums from her dad’s cock inside her and happily goes to the floor for him to cum into her open mouth. Dad shoots his load for his little girl in her mouth and on her face. Molly swallows then goes back to listening to her music and fantasizing.

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Brother Fucks His Prostitute Sister For Dad’s Money!

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Taboo Stories, Wickedness

HIGH DEFINITION VERSION. Rachel and her son Jonathan were very religious. They travelled to a remote retreat intending to meet up with their church group to learn more about family values and being a model Christian. Arriving on a fine, sunny morning, they found the place deserted. Inside the main house, they were unsettled by the presence of strange pagan ornaments and other erotic artifacts. Beneath the pillow in his room Jonathan discovered an adult magazine. Despite feeling guilty, he picked it up and looked at some of the pages of naked women. The young man was a virgin, and his first ever sight of naked female flesh greatly aroused him. Meanwhile, his mother was busy checking out the closet next to her own room. There she was shocked to find lacy, revealing outfits, garters, panties and sex-toys lying around. Disgusted, she quickly shut the door so that neither she nor her son would have to see the offensive items again. A short while later, Rachel was undressing for a shower as Jonathan happened by. Continuing his rapid descent into wickedness, the young man spied on his prim mother as she stripped down to her panties, then slipped back to his room before he could get caught. After her shower, Rachel stood before the mirror, drying her curvaceous naked body, trying not to think of all the rude things she had seen about the house. To her dismay she saw there was even a bottle of lube by the sink. Reading the list of its sexual uses, she gasped and put it in the bin; she then drew her gown about her and went to find her son. When she approached his open door and peeked in, she nearly screamed at what she saw. Jonathan was lying on his bed and stroking his big cock while he looked at the adult magazine he had found. Rachel could not believe her eyes. She was distressed by her son’s sinful actions and ashamed of the sudden heat she had felt when she had seen his cock. With an effort, she walked away in a troubled daze. Later, she called Jonathan into the kitchen for soup and tried to hide her concern from him. The two of them discussed the strangeness of the retreat. They wondered why so many inappropriate things had been left lying around, and why the rest of the church group had not turned up. As night closed in, they sat together in the living room. While Jonathan read his bible, Rachel wondered if they could get a Christian channel on the T.V. Jonathan fiddled with the remote and a hardcore porno movie suddenly came on screen. Rachel recoiled at the sight at it. She begged Jonathan to turn it off, but nothing he pressed would work. A distressed Rachel then suggested that both of them ignore it and concentrate on praying. However, as Jonathan put his hands together, a fantasy come to his mind of its own accord. He saw himself naked with his mother knelt before him, eagerly sucking and jerking his cock, wearing nothing but stockings and her cute hair band. The vision then shifted to him fucking her from behind while she was bent over a table. Rachel, too, fantasized instead of praying. She saw herself standing in black lingerie, sensually French-kissing her son as his hands dropped down and caressed her breasts and his mouth encircled her nipple. Finally, she lay back on her bed and he started to fuck her. When they both came out of their reveries, they wished each other a good night and retreated in shame to the privacy of their rooms. Days passed and still no one came. The isolation and the strange atmosphere of the retreat continued to weaken the mother’s and son’s Christian self-control and draw them toward wickedness. One night Jonathan again gave in to his urges and started jerking off with the aid of his magazine. Across the hall, the prim and pious Rachel was almost totally transformed by feelings of lust. Unable to help herself any longer, she went into the closet she had previously shunned and put on a see-through lacy top and stockings of devilish red. She then restyled her hair and put on some scarlet lipstick. For a moment she stood in her room, panting with need and rubbing her hot crotch as she thought of what she wanted to do with Jonathan and his big cock. Then she was hurrying toward her forbidden fate. Mother and son met in the living-room. In an instant they were kissing and caressing each other passionately. Rachel wasted no time in dropping to her knees and sucking and jerking Jonathan’s big cock. The young man could only groan with delight at his mother’s loving touch. She may have been prim most of her life, but buried deep within her was a natural gift for torrid sex. Moving to Rachel’s room, the two of them lay down together on her bed, kissing and fondling each other with even greater intensity than before. When Rachel had jerked Jonathan as hard as he could get, she lay back and had him take her. All the frustrating, pent-up years of Jonathan’s virginity found release as he fucked his mom deep, hard and long. It was just the beginning of the night’s action for the two of them. They went on like a couple possessed, fucking doggy-style, cowgirl and missionary until all Jonathan could do was pull out his cock and fire a big load of cum over his mother’s face and into her eagerly waiting mouth. Only afterwards as they lay panting on the bed did Rachel and her son realize the full extent of what they had allowed themselves to do. Then all that was left for the guilty pair to do was pray and pray and pray for their souls.



Enslaved Mother and Son – Incest Comics

104 pages

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Taylor Raz in Innocence lost – Total HD

Father-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Busty / Big tits, Family Fantasies, Blonde, Tattooed, Cumshot, Cum in mouth

Scene One: I’m Home
Taylor comes home from college for the summer and walks into the living room to show her dad how much she has changed in a year. She is so glad to be back home after a long semester. She asks her daddy if he likes her new hair? She decides to show him all the great tattoos she has gotten while at college. She strips off her shirt and pants to point to each new tattoo. After showing off her tattoos she asks her dad a question. College is harder than she thought, she was wondering if she could quit and move back home? When the father refuses she asks if there is something she can do to change his mind. Taylor has learned a lot in college and wants to show him how good she is at getting guys to do what she wants. She takes off her bra and panties and gets on her knees to unzips her daddya??s pants. Slowly jerking his cock she talks about how much she always wanted her daddya??s cock in her mouth. She sucks on his cock hard, forcing him to cum. She plays with the cum in her mouth and swallows. She always gets what she wants.

Taylor Raz in Innocence lost 1 HD incezt.net.avi

Scene Two: Lunch as a Family

The family is having Lunch at the table when Taylor walks in wearing her swimsuit. The mom yells at her about wearing her swimsuit at the table. She just came in from the pool and doesna??t think it’s a big deal. While eating the mom talks about how she does not like the changes in her daughter. Taylor thinks her mom is a stuck up sexless prude that only ever fucked her father once. Secretly, under the table, Taylor puts her foot on her dads lap and starts rubbing his cock with her toes. The mom infuriated with her daughter says she is going to cool off in the bedroom. Taylor slips under the table and pulls down her fathers pants. She’ll give her daddy what he wants if mom won’t. She strokes his cock and says that she wants a cum dessert. Pulling off her top she starts to suck her daddy’s cock under the table. She demands that dad give her his cum. a?oCum in your daughters moutha?? a?olet me do what mom never woulda?? she says. He cums in her mouth and she swallows every last drop, licking his cock clean. Taylor stands back up saying she is full and walks back to the pool topless.

Taylor Raz in Innocence lost 2 HD incezt.net.avi

Scene Three: Tuck me in

It’s late and Taylor asks if dad can tuck her in before bed. She misses talking, and saying good night like they used to. Now that’s more like his little girl. He walks into Taylor’s room and she is snug underneath the covers of her bed. She asks her dad if she gives better blowjobs than her mom and if he likes her stroking his big cock. Under the covers she starts masturbating as she talks to her daddy about her sucking his cock. She pulls back the covers to show she is naked laying on her back with one hand in her crotch. She asks her daddy to pull out his cock for her. She grabs it and starts stroking it nice and slow. She then guides it into her mouth while slowly rubbing and bucking her clit. She gets closer and closer to orgasm as she asks her dad to cum all over her face. She greedily sucks his cock as she rubs her tits with one hand and her pussy with the other. Dad cums all over her face and, still masturbating, she uses her hand to collect the remaining cum into her mouth. She rubs her pussy to orgasm looking and talking to her daddy about how she loves his cum. She will suck his cock every day and do all the things mom would never do for him. She is glad to be back home.

Taylor Raz in Innocence lost 3 HD incezt.net.avi



REAL Sisters Gang-banged By Class-mates and Teacher!



My Daughter Is Sleepwalking – Daddy I Wasn’t Sleepwalking HD

Father-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Daddy Fantasies, Older Male / Younger Female, Sleeping / Sleepwalking, Blonde, Cum in pussy

Dear Diary,
The past few months at home have been a bit odd. I started sleepwalking a lot and sometimes I would start dreaming of my Daddy. My fantasies got increasingly more intense until one night when mommie was away. Daddy was watching TV late at night and I pretended to be sleepwalking again. I laid my head on his lap and pretended to sleep for a bit then I made my move. Daddy inhaled deeply when I unzipped his pants and grabbed his cock. As it got hard in my hand I could hear him wrestling with himself over what to do and finally he couldn’t resist. I sucked and stroked his cock then straddled him, impaling myself on his throbbing cock. Through slitted eyelids I watched Daddy’s face get more and more relaxed as his daughter rode his cock. I sleep-fucked him for what seemed like hours and tried to keep my orgasms quiet. Apparently I clench quite a bit during orgasm because I made Daddy spurt deep inside me just like I planned. I got off him and left the room still sleepwalking so he was none the wiser.

Xo Renee

Daddy I Wasn’t Sleepwalking HD incezt.net.avi


[RCT-638] Turn Brush Wholesale Incest Son Of The Virgin Mother Turned Zurineta 母親がズリネタになって童貞の息子にオナ指示一転筆おろし近親相姦


[VRTM-006] The First Time Is Wet!Father Can Not Put Up With Such A Figure 初めて来宅した息子の彼女のノーブラキャミソールが湿って乳首ポッチがクッキリに!そんな姿に我慢できず、彼女を襲った父親


[NHDTA-562] Irama Immediately With Blood ○ Port That Plaster The Aphrodisiac To A Small Girl Who Lives In The Same Apartment. 同じマンションに住む小さい女の子に媚薬を塗り込んだチ○ポで即イラマ。結果、ねば~っと糸引くえずき汁まみれのイキ顔で淫乱化。2


[MDYD-935] In Fact, Continues Being Fucked By Boss Of The Husband … South Serina 私、実は夫の上司に犯され続けてます… 南せりな


[DVDES-762] Sex Sister And Brother … The Big Accept Incest At The End Of The Conflict! ! 巨乳の姉とセックスしたい…弟の歪んだ願望を告白された姉は葛藤の末に近親相姦を受け入れる!!家族に内緒の家庭内盗撮でその愛情をAV制作会社が完全バックアップ!!


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