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Teaching My Son About Anal Sex HD

Scene One: Tied up at work
Mom is working on her laptop when her son comes into the room. Without a word he ties up his mom, hands behind her back. Darling asks him what he’s doing and yells
to let her go. He responds by groping her breasts and shoving his hand down her panties.
He exposes his mom and forces his cock into her mouth. He makes her take all of him into her angry mouth. As she pulls on the ropes and yells he fucks her in the
chair. He puts his cock back into her mouth and cums, holding her mouth shut until she swallows his load. Pulling out his cell phone he takes a picture of her
ravished and tied up.

Teaching My Son About-Sex HD 1 incezt.net.avi

Scene Two: I hate my son
The next day Darling gains the courage to confront her son in his bedroom on his actions. The moment she goes into his room he shows her the cell phone photo. If
he wants her to delete the photo and not have it sent to her workplace Darling is going to have to strip and show off her body for him. “I hate you, your the worst
son ever” she tells him angry at being blackmailed.
Striped naked she gives him a blowjob. After a while he holds her head and face fucks her. He commands her to fuck him and makes her get on top of him. She mounts
him and looks upset and angry giving him what he wants. But what he really wants is her ass. She yells at him when he puts his cock in her tight ass and fucks her.
His now dirty cock is shoved into his mom’s mouth until he cums again and makes her swallow. He deletes the photo and she storms out of the room to clean off his

Teaching My Son About-Sex HD 2 incezt.net.avi

Scene Three: Unwinding after work
Just getting home from work the son grabs Darling in the living room and ties her up to the wall hands above her head. Exposing her body he whips her, taking
pleasure from her cries of pain. She begs him to stop and that she will do what he wants.
He places a vibrator on her pussy, pulling a unwanted orgasm from her. Defeated and drained he fucks her ass on the dinner table bench until she is a puddle of a
woman. Making her lick his cock clean he only puts it back inside her until he cums in the tight ass. He leaves her tied up to rest for a few hours.

Teaching My Son About-Sex HD 3 incezt.net.avi

Scene Four: Shattered
A leash and collar are put on at the last, letting the son pull her down onto his cock. Darling sucks him knowing her new place in life.
He pulls her to the floor where he fucks her hard, reaching the deep places of her soul with his cock. She lets out a shattering orgasm, removing the last bit of
resistance towards him. He pulls on her leash and cums over her smiling face.

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Mother and Son Forced Incest

83 pages

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In Love With My Sister’s Mouth HD

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Manipulating Men, Never Give a Woman Your Credit Card HD

Rachel was frustrated in her marriage to her new husband. He did not give her any money to spend, and actually expected her to do chores around the house. This left Rachel very demoralized. Shopping was one of her favorite pass-times; if she did not get to spoil herself with a new pair of shoes or an outfit every so often, she suffered headaches. As for any kind of menial work – well, she was naturally too good for that. One time, when she was in the laundry room, reluctantly sorting out some washing, she came across a pair of jeans belonging to her son, Brent. By accident he had left his wallet in the back-pocket. Rachel could not resist taking a peek inside. What she saw – the credits cards and wads of cash – was enough to make her mouth water. At that moment, however, Brent himself entered the room, catching her in her act of nosiness. Immediately he demanded an explanation. But Rachel remained cool. She confessed to having had a moment of naughty curiosity, then casually handed him back the wallet. Brent, slightly put out, was about to leave; but Rachel held him back. She had suddenly developed a very strong interest in her son. In particular she liked his nice big…wallet. Coming up close to him, batting her eyelashes, she made a sweet-toned appeal for his sympathy. Could not he see how mean it was of his father to restrict her shopping activities and burden her with the mundane misery of house work? Surely he could understand how important it was for her to be able to treat herself to such things as the sexy clothes she currently had on? Here she assumed a provocative pose to emphasize how well her tight sweater and short skirt complemented her excellent figure. Then she grabbed Brent’s hand and made as to lay it on the sweater so he could feel how soft it was. Purely by accident she pressed his palm against the smooth, warm flesh of her breasts instead. In demonstrating to Brent the elasticity of the sweater’s neckline, she happened to pull it down a little too far – thereby giving him a tantalizing glimpse of her nipples. Moving on to the subject of lingerie, Rachel lifted up the hem of her skirt and showed him the merits of her stockings – all the way to their fasters at the top of her toned thigh. By the end of this little modeling show, Rachel had put Brent in a much different state of mind than before. Then he had been cold and wary. Now his guard was down and he was seriously horny. Nevertheless, Rachel still had a little to do to achieve her goal of controlling him in body, mind, and bank-account. Thus, without further ado, she dropped to her knees, opened her son’s pants, took out his big hard cock, and proceeded to stroke and suck it. Within minutes of going to work on him, she knew she could take her first advantage of Brent. This came as a kindly request that he give her one of his credit cards as an incentive to carry on pleasing him. To sweeten the pitch she took her top off and to give him his best view yet of her breasts. Thinking more with his cock than his brain, Brent readily gave her what she wanted. After that, Rachel set about taking her control over him to the next level. When Brent marveled aloud at being sucked off by his father’s hot wife, Rachel took the moment to praise the superior size of her son’s cock. Both of them had good reasons for relishing cuckolding the old man. Adding spice to their tryst was the fact that he was actually in the house right then – asleep in the room above. What if he discovered them? Brent worriedly asked his mother. She would not tell him what they did, would she? Rachel tapped the credit card Brent had given her. Such things were a good way of buying her silence – she hinted. A short while later, at the height of her sublimely sensuous sucking of Brent’s cock, she stopped and asked he if would be so kind as to reward her with a second credit card that had a higher limit. Though a little hesitant, Brent duly handed it over. Then Rachel was distracting him with a hot, passionate, French-kiss. This led to him fondling her bared breasts and suckling greedily upon her erect nipples. Following that, Rachel removed her skirt, turned around, and rubbed her silk-panty-clad butt up against Brent’s crotch to give him an idea of the action that would be coming – provided he gave her an advance thank you in the form of another credit card. Her son having met this requirement, she sucked his cock to maximum fuck-readiness, then bent herself over the washing machine and invited him to take her from behind. Soon enough the lustful young man was busy pleasuring her pussy with a deep, hard cock-pounding. Rachel moaned in appreciation. Later, she sat on the washing machine with her stockinged legs parted wide as Brent fucked her with all he had. Again she compared his cock favorable to his father’s – whom she continued to mock throughout. Next, casually, she asked her son for the pin number to his bank account. The young man was so utterly overcome by the wonderful sensation of fucking his sexy mother that he gave her the numbers without thinking. With the long and intense sitting-missionary fuck finished, Rachel got down on her hands and knees and had Brent take her doggy-style. She was a deliciously wanton sight stripped down to her lingerie and stockings. Even while Brent touched her bare butt-cheeks and held her by the hips and thrilled her with the thrusts of his big cock, she managed to concentrate on making him give her the number of his father’s safe-deposit box. That done, Rachel felt she had achieved all her goals regarding money. Now she concentrated solely on enjoying her son’s fucking. She started by again getting him to take her in the missionary and doggy positions. Her passion and enjoyment were clearly evident from the strength of her writhing and moaning and from her grateful expressions as her pussy received his pumping cock. Indeed, so wild and lusty was the fucking of mother and son that Rachel suggested they move out to the living room where there was less chance of his father over-hearing them. The pair’s next position was doggy-style once again. This time it took place on an expensive fur rug. The fucking was very erotic and loving and went on for a long time till Brent himself felt on the brink of cumming. Rachel stroked and sucked him down the home stretch – when he erupted his wad all over her hand. Shortly afterward, Brent came to his senses. When he asked his mother if he could have his cards back, she flatly denied. A deal is a deal. Rachel owned him financially and physically now, and she would spend as much of his cash as she wanted

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Olivia Olove in My Daughters First Anal HD

Father-Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Anal, Family Fantasies

Back Story: Dad and Daughter have gotten much closer over the summer since she is home from college. One day, as they are having a Dad/Daughter talk, Daughter reveals to Dad how even though she is sexually active, she has never done anal with a boy before. Dad soon discovers how Daughter is afraid that it will hurt very badly. Dad soon devises a plan to help break Daughter out of her fear of anal……

Part 1: Anal 101
It’s early morning; Dad and Daughter are sitting on the couch engaging in their usual conversation. Dad suddenly changes the subject to anal sex and informs Daughter he has devised a way for her to get over her anal fear; excited, Daughter enquirers as to what she needs to do. Dad instructs Daughter to come over to him and suck his cock as part of her anal 101 training. Daughter begins to question Dad however quickly agrees as she wants to overcome her fear; Daughter approaches Dad and seductively goes down between his legs, pulling his cock. Dad talks dirty to daughter as she begins jerking and sucking his cock, slowly at first then faster and faster. Dad compliments Daughter on how good she gives head before instructing her to stand and turn around; Daughter rises to her feet and strips her clothes as per Dad’s instructions as he grabs a bottle of lube from a nearby counter. Dad instructs Daughter to pour some lube in her hand and rub it all over his hard cock; Daughter does as she’s instructed and moans a little as the feel of her Dad’s hard cock in her hands turns her on. Daughter is reluctant however Dad’s soft voice quickly coaxes her into complying. Dad talks dirty to Daughter as he slowly inserts his cock into her ass, careful not to hurt her; Daughter gasps for air as Dad inserts his entire cock into her ass and begins to fuck her, slowly at first then faster and faster. Daughter moans and licks her lips as her fear quickly fades and she begins to enjoy the feel of her Dad’s cock pumping her ass; Dad instructs Daughter to rub her breasts and pleasure herself as she continues to get used to his cock. Daughter moans louder and louder, enjoying the sensation for several moments when she asks if they can move to another room where she will be more comfortable to continue……..

My Daughters First-HD 1 incezt.net.avi

Part 2: Anal Slut
Daughter guides Dad into her room and smiles at him evilly before kissing him and announcing she wants him to fuck her like a dirty little anal slut. Daughter questions if she is ready for rough anal and Daughter quickly nods and bends over. Dad shrugs before lubing up his cock and forcing it into Daughter’s ass. Daughter screams as the pain is a bit more than she anticipated however she is soon moaning as Dad violently fucks her ass in various positions. Daughter and Dad continue to talk dirty to each other as Dad fucks his girl harder and harder. Daughter suddenly lets out a loud scream and grabs the bed as Dad’s violent thrusts cause her to experience her first anal orgasm; Dad grabs her hair and fucks her even harder as her body shudders from the intense orgasm. Dad lets go of Daughter’s hair and allows her to collapse, allowing her to catch her breath as her body continues to spasm. Daughter looks back at dad, smiling evilly and tells him she wants him to fuck her in on the Couch…

My Daughters First-HD 2 incezt.net.avi

Part 3: Sofa Slut
Dad guides Daughter onto the sofa in the living room before entering her from behind and continuing to fuck her in her ass. Dad instructs Daughter to arch her back in various ways in order to enjoy the sensation more; Daughter complies and begins moaning even louder as the slight change in position causes Dad’s cock to begin hitting the G spot in her ass. See how well she is doing, Dad continues to fuck Daughter’s ass in various position, always using the sofa as a cushion so that Daughter remains as comfortable as possible. Daughter begins rubbing her clit and talking Dirty to Dad as her breathing increases; she suddenly begins to scream loudly as she approaches orgasm, having never felt a more powerful sensation. Dad laughs and instructs her to scream loudly as she has her first anal orgasm; Daughter suddenly throws her head back and screams loudly, her body shaking as she encounters her first anal orgasm. Dad slows down on his thrusts into Daughter’s ass, giving her body a chance to recuperate from the powerful sensations. Daughter breathes heavily and smiles, exclaiming how wonderful her first anal orgasm felt; Dad smile and asks Daughter if she wants to continue in her room to which Daughter enthusiastically…

My Daughters First-HD 3 incezt.net.avi

Part 4: Daughter’€s first ass blast facial
Dad follows Daughter into his bedroom and compliments on how well she is doing with her first anal experience; Daughter climbs up onto his bed and tells him to shut up and finish her off like he would a dirty little anal slut. Dad quickly gets behind Daughter and forces his cock into her ass, causing her to moan loudly; Dad grabs her hair and proceeds to fuck her violently, talking dirty to her the entire time. Daughter licks her lips and plays with her breasts and clit as she talks dirty back to Dad, cursing him and telling him to fuck her harder than before. Dad continues to fuck Daughter viciously in various positions when Daughter suddenly screams loudly having yet her third anal orgasm!! Dad laughs and calls her his little anal slut and comments how her ass feels so much better than her mother’s. Daughter catches her breath and talks dirty to Dad, coaxing him to cum. Dad, finally unable to stand the sensation, moans loudly as he pulls his cock from Daughter’s ass and sprays hot cum all over her face; he continues moaning as he uses his cock to rub his semen all over her tits and face, causing Daughter to giggle as they both rest for a moment. Daughter thanks him for helping her overcome her fear and teases how she would like to continue her lessons with him…

***Cum watch Olivia have her Anal Cherry Popped for real. An authentic first time anal.***

My Daughters First-HD 4 incezt.net.avi


Mother and Son Incest Drama Uncensored

Mother and Son-Drama Uncensored incezt.net.avi


Your Graduation Present HD

Mother-Son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Virtual Sex, Creampie, Cum in pussy, Family Fantasies, Busty / Big tits, Mature, Dirty Talk, POV

Well hello honey, and congratulations! I’m so very proud of you. That’s a huge accomplishment, graduating high school! Now, it’s time for us to discuss your REAL graduation present. I mean, of course you can still have the car we promised you, but if you want… there’s another present you can have that I know you’ve really, really wanted for a very long time. That’s right… me.

I know your party is going on in the other room, so we would have to be very quiet, but who would ever suspect that we are in here doing what we are about to do? So, if you promise not to tell, and promise to try to be quiet, you can have me for your present.

I wore this dress just for you, and I wore it without a bra just so it would be easy access while we do what we’re about to do. I also wore these sexy black lace panties just for you, too!

Oh my Gosh your cock is so big! I had no idea! It’s going to be so hard to keep quiet while you fuck me with that. Wow. Take it nice and slow at first please, as I’m not used to a cock of that size. Wow, going faster makes so much noise, but I want you to fuck me hard. Maybe it would be best if I get on top.

You like it when mommy rides your big cock don’t you my baby? I really enjoy it too. Wow, this feels so incredible, I think I’m going to cum. Oh my it’s going to be so difficult to stay quiet. Wow.

Now, when it’s your turn to cum, make sure you fill me up with your cum!

Wow, now mommy has a pussy full of your cum! Shhhh…

Your Graduation Present HD incezt.net.avi


Daddy Punished Me HD

Just Like I Planned

Dear Diary,
As you know my after practice fantasies have been getting more intense. Finally when mid term reports came out I had the perfect way to get Daddys attentions. I came home after practice and told him I was failing 2 classes. Daddy got so upset he ordered me over his knee like I knew he would.
His firm hand spanking my ass sent all me resistance out the window and I boldly proceeded with my plan. When my top came off “accidentaly” Daddy was speechless for a second til my intentions became clear. Seeing his young daughter teasing him was more than he could handle and soon we were pleasing each other all over the couch. That was my best night ever.

Daddy Punished Me HD incezt.net.avi


[SKKK-07] Torii Seiko Two Hole Fuck First Anal Mother 息子に捧げた母の初アナル二穴ファック 鳥井聖子


[FAX-516] Daughter-in-law-husband During Hospitalization, Busty Wife and Big Brother Of The Husband 夫入院中の義理の夫娘-、巨乳妻とビッグブラザー


[YSN-217] Sara Kazuki Secret Of The Father 父のサラ一樹秘密


[HBAD-266] Ishihara Lina Nipple Towering And Dyed Pale Pink Mourning Widow Beauty Shirahada 石原リナ乳首タワーリング染めペールピンクは未亡人ビューティーShirahadaを追悼


[TNTN-03] Aunt Kosaka Noriko Odious Relatives いやらしい親戚のおばさん 高坂紀子

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