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Mommy Swallows HD

Oh, honey. Did that girl turn you down when you asked her to prom? Sweety, these things happen, I know it’s hard. And I understand you have urges to be with a woman, Mommy knows all about those. Your father doesn’t like the idea, but I can bring you some…dirty magazines if you’d like. Your um…balls are probably fairly full right now and I don’t want that clouding my growing boy’s judgement. You know sweety, I care about you so much, I’d do anything to make you happy. Let’s not tell Daddy about this, but Mommy is going to help you tonight. Lay back honey, and relax while I make you feel good.

Fantasy includes: blow job, taboo, mother/son, mommas boy, cum in mouth, cumshot, cum swallowing, pov, lingerie, stockings

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REAL Incest Collection 62!

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters – Pics and Vids ALL REAL!

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I want your ass sis – ANAL

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Taboo Tales Volume 100 HD

Scene 1 – Rachel is desperate for any job that will help her pay the bills. Her friend Dallas talks her into working at a high-class massage parlor-cum-brothel. Little does Rachel know it, but her stepson Rodney goes there often. Dallas sucks and fucks him on the day that Rachel starts. She then plays a kinky trick on her friend by sending her to Rodney. Rachel is shocked when she sees him. But Rodney’s hard cock, Dallas’ encouragement, and her own horniness lead to Rachel having a taboo fuck with the young man. Dallas joins in to prove that three is certainly not a crowd.

Taboo Tales Volume 100 HD 2 incezt.net.avi

Scene 2 – Brian spies his stepsister Charlotte doing a sexy cam show at their home to earn some extra cash. He threatens to tell her mother unless she performs sexual favors for him. Charlotte reluctantly agrees. After she’s sucked his cock, Brian takes her to his room and fucks her until she moans in delight. Later, his stepmom Rachel confiscates his car keys because he’s neglected to go to court about a speeding ticket. When he finds out she used to be in porn, he makes her join him a sizzling hot threesome with Charlotte.

Taboo Tales Volume 100 HD 1 incezt.net.avi


Kiarra gets used by Dad HD (Parts 1,2,3) HD

PART 1 Kiarra Needs to Earn her Allowance

Kiara really wants some money to go shopping. Her dad is stressed out at work and tells her she’s going to have to earn her allowance by doing some work around the office. He starts out by showing her what his old secretary used to do and pushes her on her knees. Once she’s sucked his cock he bends her over the desk and teaches her how to get what she wants.

Kiarra gets used by Dad HD 1 incezt.net.avi

PART 2 Kiarra Comes home Tipsy

Kiarra comes home LATE and TIPSY and her dad is tired of finding her sprawled out in slutty clothes on the couch in the morning so He teaches the young lady a lesson. He uses her every way he wants and then lets out a huge load all over his rebellious daughter Her brother finds her passed out and COVERED in cum

Kiarra gets used by Dad HD 2 incezt.net.avi

PART 3 Sleepy Sneaky Cock Sucker- Kiarra

Kiarra has to find a way to keep her dad from pounding her little pussy. His huge cock is too much for her tight young hole. She thinks if she sucks him off while he is sleeping he won’t be in the mood the next day. She makes it slow and sweet hoping to really get all his cum so he won’t have any thing left to fuck her

Kiarra gets used by Dad HD 3 incezt.net.avi


Egyptian Magic – Mother and Son Comics

18 pages

incezt.net Egyptian Magic.rar


Cuckold Girlfriend’s first BIG cock HD

You’re my undersexed girlfriend and we’ve just stumbled back into our room after hitting it off with another couple in the hot tub downstairs. We all agreed to a foursome and you’re sipping champagne on the bed and very, very excited. In your enthusiasm, you offered him a footjob, and you bring it up to me again to make sure I’m ok with that? You’re tender and sweet with me as you tease me about his size, noting hes very, very thick, easily the biggest dick you’ve ever seen. Your sultry voice describes what you find so irresistible: his virile, athletic body, his thick hard cock, the fact that he’s very dominant. You tell me you need to feel what he’s like, just this once, that you’ve never experienced anything like him. You remind me of how I’ve underperformed lately: a limp penis, and the fact I can only cum from hand-jobs has meant you’ve not had real sex in weeks. You decide for both of us that you’re going to invite him up, texting him on your phone in front of me, turning the conversation from tender to humiliating and demeaning. Then there’s an ominous knock on the door. You kiss him and whisper for a minute in his ear, filling him in on all you want him to do to you, then slink back to the couch, with you sitting on the edge of the couch, pulling him between your legs. “Oh my god, he’s massive!” Your insatiable eyes occasionally glancing towards me as he slides in and our of you. You pop his engorged cock from your mouth and innocently, bashfully ask him “Would you mind face-fucking me a bit? You tell him you want him to fuck you, you need him to fuck you, you need to know what that dick feels like. You lean back on the couch and spread your legs, breathing deep and asking him to be gentle with you. He’s rubbing his thick glans on your wet pussy as you turn to me, asking me one last time if I’m ok with this, warning me things will be different once you’ve felt him, once you’ve been with a guy like this. Then you lock your eyes back on him, ready to give yourself to him, to give him your pussy and let him make it his. He starts probing his girth into you, and you squirm and gasp dramatically as the sensations rocket through your body. You even push your feet against his chest to slow him down a bit. Slowly your pussy open sup and he can plunge himself fully into you, and you’re ravenous with desire that your feet move from pushing against him to locked behind his back as he pounds you faster and faster. We move to a bed with me sitting on one end of it, as you’re kneeling facing me. He’s climbed behind you and teasing your gushing slit, and you want me to relish every facial expression as he fucks you and comes inside you. You tease me that you can feel his cock getting even harder and you know he’s about to explode inside you. “Holy fuck,” you exclaim as you feel him near climax. You look me straight in the eye, smiling wickedly, and begin begging him to cum inside you, telling him your pussy has never been fucked like this and please, please cum inside me!” Giving you a moment to catch your breath, he unmounts you and leaves the bed. You take pity on me and my meager penis. You turn around to show off the mess he made of your pussy, which has cum drizzling all out of it. “Baby, look at what he did to me?!” You coo at me, as you get closer to the camera, purring “You aren’t jealous, are you?” You taunt me about sloppy seconds, about how your pussy is a well-fucked mess. You ask me if I’m ok with that, with feeling that hot cum sloshing around my penis and balls? You lower yourself down on me, and my skinny dick pops right inside you. You grind slowly, mocking me for the cum that’s pouring out of you and covering me. Then you pick up the pace as you mock-fuck me, smiling wickedly as you tell me to make you come, laughing at my pathetic attempts. You gently scold and chide me for thinking I could come inside you. You hop off my dicklet and begin tugging on it with your hand below the screen. You count down from 10s and slowly let slip that 1.) I’ll be sleeping on the couch for the rest of vacation, 2.) You really dont like sex with me and that’s a problem and 3.) (which you tell me right as I’m coming) is that you’re breaking up with me. You laugh how covered in cum I am, humiliated and emasculated, telling me to clean myself up before I slept on the couch.

Cuckold Girlfriend’s first BIG-HD incezt.net.avi


Dad and Daughter Very Painful ANAL HD

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Slut Serum Makes Mother My Whore HD

Mother is always nagging me. “Clean your room,” “Stop playing video games and do your homework,” “Take out the trash,” Clean your room again, it looks like .” Nothing is ever good enough for her. I really try to be a good son, but Mother is never happy. I decided I’M FUCKING DONE. No more yes Mom, whatever you say Mom. I decided Mother will do WHATEVER I SAY from now on. I’ll admit it wasn’t entirely my own idea. I have a friend at college who knows about my problem. He had a problem similar to mine – except it was his girlfriend who was nagging him all the time. Last week he told me he bought a strange serum that turns any woman who drinks it into a subservient slut who will do anything and everything they are told. He wouldn’t tell me where he got it – but he did sell me some. I didn’t believe it would actually work but my buddy’s never lied to me before. I tried it the next day. Mother was bitching at me about how lazy she thinks I am and then told me to get her some iced tea, it was the perfect opportunity. My Mom only drank a little of the special tea I gave her, but I was astonished, in less than a minute she was completely under my control and sucking my cock!!! Mother did exactly as I instructed her. I fucked my Mom in every way I pleased and then came inside her. The effects of the serum wore off after a few hours, leaving Mother groggy and with a slight headache. She had no memory of what happened and was back to her normal bitchy self. All I know is I need to get a part time job ASAP. I need more money. I’m going to buy as much slut serum as I can get my hands on!!! ***Starring Melanie Hicks***

Slut Serum Makes Mother My-HD incezt.net.avi


[SW-314] Dream Of Incest! “By Secret In Papa’s (Heart) “still  Body of My  Mom Is Cool 近親相姦の夢! 「秘密のパパ(ハート)による「まだママの私の体は、クールです


[APAA-300] Princess • SEX Slave Experience 2 Days 1 Night プリンセス•性の奴隷体験1泊2日


[NASS-200] Fucked Of Big Penis Husband Boss And Fall Wife Chapter 2デカチン夫ボスめちゃくちゃと妻の第2章秋


[KAWD-621] Tsuremawasa To Uncle Do Not Know おじさんにTsuremawasaは知らない


[TORG-012] Rogue Mother Embraced For Sonローグ母は息子のために抱か

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