Broken Condom, Mother Impregnated!

Broken Condom, Mother Impregnated!


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Mommy Force Stripped And Impregnated By Her Sons Huge Creampie HD 1080p


At night, Aiden takes his routine shower before he goes to bed. After he finishes, he grabs a towel, dries off, and wraps it around his waist. He walks into his room, and almost immediately, his mom walks up the stairs to talk to him. She knocks on the wall to make sure he’s dressed, and finds him standing towards her. “Aiden, are you dressed? Oh, um…okay, so, are you done with your shower?… because your sister keeps complaining that you keep using all the hot water, and that she doesn’t have any–“In the middle of her sentence, Aiden drops his towel on purpose, and Mom quickly puts her hand up to block her son’s body. She tries to continue, “…um, and that she doesn’t have any hot water when she wants to shower. Aiden, can you please pick up your towel? What are you doing?… Can you please–When I’m talking to you, can you put that towel on, please?” Aiden refuses, telling her that if it bothers her so much, that she should pick it up. She sighs, still blocking her face, “Oh my god, I don’t have time for this.” She kneels down to pick up the towel, and as she does so, Aiden pushes her head towards his cock. Mom panics, “Aiden–Aiden, what are you doing? Stop. Stop! Aiden, stop! Here, put this on.” She pushes back, rejecting him, and hands him the towel. “I can’t do that…I’m your mom. No, sweetheart…Mommies don’t do that.” Aiden continues to try and persuade her, pushing the hair gently out of her face, but Mom rejects his advances. He reminds her of how beautiful she is, and tells her he bought her something. She replies that she doesn’t have time for it, but Aiden ignores her, pushing her near the bed. He picks up a pair of black heels that he’s bought, and tells Mom that she’d look great in them. “Yeah, honey, I’m not going to wear these, okay?” Still determined to change her mind, Aiden shows off the black thigh-high stockings, then blue thong he got for her. “No, I’m not going to put these on. This is completely…this is inappropriate. Why did you even buy these, sweetheart?” Upset now, Aiden grabs Mom’s jeans and begins unbuttoning them, forcing her to take them off. Mom tries to push him off, “Aiden, get off of me,” but he forces them completely off, and then pulls down her panties. Mom tells him to stop, now covering her crotch, but he continues, forcing her shirt off as well. “Aiden, I don’t want to.” Defeated by her son’s overwhelming attempts, she tells him that she will do it herself, and puts on the lingerie, stockings, and heels. He smacks her ass, and tells Mom his secret fantasy about impregnating her. “What?…” Aiden tells her she’s beautiful yet again, and she begins to believe him, “Really?… Sweetheart, I really don’t think I should be doing this.” She finishes putting the rest of her outfit on, and Aiden, completely turned on by Mom’s new appearance, gropes his mom’s chest. She tries to calm him down, telling him to stop, but instead, he helps her with her high heels.Mom begins feeling sexier in her heels, so Aiden pushes her down and reveals his hard-on for her. She gets turned on by the idea of her son’s cock inside of her, but still tries to control herself, well aware that it’s wrong. He takes her bra off, gropes her chest, and she closes her eyes, enjoying his touch. It’s been so long since she’s been romantically involved with anyone. He bends her over and forces his cock inside of her pussy, pounding her hard, and she moans excitedly, “Oh god, that feels so good…. I can’t believe this.” Soon enough, Mom is shouting commands at Aiden, telling him to fuck her harder. Obsessed to fulfill his fantasy, he flips Mom over and fucks her missionary style. She wraps her thigh-high stocking legs around his waist, and becomes his personal whore, crazy about her own son’s cock. She moans his name, panting, and breathing heavy as Aiden tells her how he plans on impregnating her. She wildly gropes her chest, shouting more commands, and Aiden thrusts harder until he finally cums inside of her. “Oh god, oh god. Honey, honey, I can feel it inside of me…. I can feel you. I can feel your cum.” Aiden’s cum fills her pussy, dripping from her lips, and he jerks the rest onto her body, making a huge mess on her pussy and stomach. Mom is forever her son’s love slave. TL;DR (summary): Aiden’s fantasies about Mom have become a slight obsession. When given the opportunity to reveal himself after his shower, he drops his towel, and tries to make an advance towards Mom. She rejects him, and he tries to persuade her, telling her she’s beautiful. He shows off the lingerie he bought for her, and when she doesn’t want to put it on, claiming it’s inappropriate, he forces her clothes off of her. Defeated by her son’s overwhelming attempts, she puts on the lingerie and heels, and begins to feel sexier. She gets turned on when her son tells her about his secret fantasy of impregnating her It’s been so long since Mom has been romantically involved with anyone. Mom soon becomes his personal whore, obsessed with her own son’s cock–shouting commands, and moaning loudly. He fucks her from behind, then missionary style, filling her pussy with his cum, and impregnating her. Mom is now her son’s love slave. This clip includes: taboo, mom/son, fantasy of impregnating Mom, Mom rejects son’s advances, son forces clothes off of Mom, lingerie, thigh-high stockings, high heels, forced stripping, perky tits, doggystyle, missionary, simulated creampie, impregnation, love slave, Mom is son’s personal whore(1920 x 1080 resolution, mp4 format)This video is available in other file formats and resolutions: 1920 X 1080 mp4 – 1920 X 1080 wmv – 854 X 480 mp4 – 854 X 480 wmvContains the following erotic elements:TABOO – CREAMPIE – IMPREGNATION FANTASY – FORCED STRIPPING – MILF – OLDER WOMAN/YOUNGER MAN
Category: TABOO

Mother, MILF, Male Domination, Humiliation, Rough Sex, Chubby, POV, Cum on Pussy, Impregnation


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Sister Seeks Attention – Cleo Vixen HD


Cleo has not been getting noticed at all lately, and this has really been getting to her since all she wants is to be loved! Her boyfriend has not even wanted to fuck her lately, and she has no idea why. She goes to her brother Ike to see if maybe he can chime in with some words of wisdom. He really has no idea what to say, and doesnt think its his place to have an opinion on that. Cleo just wants to know what guys like! So she sporadically pulls out her tits to find out what Ike thinks of them. He quickly tells her to put them away, and she does. But she still needs some sort of confirmation, so she does the same thing with her pussy. Ike doesnt know what to think. Cleo than goes even further and suggests she give him head and he responds with how

Sex Acts Involved: Kissing, Doggy Style, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary

Sister, Teen, Small Tits, POV, Male Domination, Rough Sex, Cheating, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Cum in Mouth, Cum in Pussy, Facial, Swallow

Brotherly Advice HD

Brotherly Concern HD

Brotherly Inspiration HD


Seducing My Brother At Camp 2!

This is a sequel to Seducing My Brother At Camp 1080 HD

Xev returns to her cabin after ropes course and plops down on the bed, texting someone. The bunk mate reminds her that dinner will be soon, but Xev tells her that she is busy and will meet at the dining hall later.

XEV: rly horny, wanna meet at our spot?
XEV: can’t wait

Xev skips off the porch of her cabin and down the path to the forest. Little does your sister know, you are following close behind. Pleasurable moaning erupts from a grove of trees. Careful not to be seen, you catch a glimpse of your sister getting fucked hard from behind by a camp counselor. The dinner bell rings and you run back to your sister’s cabin, where you intercept and confront her. There is fresh cum still dripping off her face.

Whoa, you scared me…what are you doing out here alone? Everyone’s at the dining hall. Did…did you happen to hear…anything out there? You saw me with the counselor, didn’t you. Come inside so we can talk about this.

You know about my condition better than anyone else. When I get that itch between my legs, I need to fuck. You’re family, I can’t just fuck my brother to satisfy my craving for cock. I wasn’t in my right mind that night…it was a one time thing. Wait…were you following me today? There was no way you could have found us otherwise. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re jealous. You want me still, don’t you? Well then…I guess there’s no harm in slipping the meat into your sister’s mouth one more time.

Fantasy includes: taboo, blow job, facials, brother/sister, unintentional cuckolding, voyeur, outdoors, pov oral, slut, nymphomaniac, female orgasm
Category: BLOW JOBS
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What Are You Doing, Son???

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Riley Reid – Father’s Seduction HD

Tony’s daughter has been making him uncomfortable. She was barely out of diapers when he married her mom, but the way she is flaunting herself…she isn’t acting like a daughter at all.

Tony has no idea how far Riley will go to get what she is after.

Category: TABOO
Keywords: riley reid, fucking, blowjob, shower, voyeur, exercise

Daughter, Teen, Small Tits, POV, Spying, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Rough Sex, Cum in Mouth, Swallow


Miss Brat – Mom, This is America HD

Perfectly Normal HD

I’m so happy to be home with my baby boy again!!! It’s been ages since we’ve been together, but the past is over and I just want to make the most of the present with my son. I almost can’t believe that I actually found him again. I met his Father while he was on a business trip in Rio and we instantly fell in love and were married soon after, but a few years later all we did was fight. Then one night he left without saying a word and took our son with him back to the states… But I’m with my beautiful boy again and that’s all that matters to me now. I’m so proud of him, he’s so successful, and handsome too. And he’s so generous, paying for my flight and letting me move into his house. I just wish he could learn to relax a little, maybe spend some time catching up with his Mother by the pool. Oh well… I know it won’t take to long to loosen him up….

Mother, MILF, Big Tits, Big Ass, Cheating, Wife, Latina, POV, Male Domination, Rough Sex, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Bathroom, Helpless, Anilingus, Humiliation, Cum in Mouth, Swallow, Cum in Pussy, Creampie, Impregnation

Bathroom HD

Slut’s Reward HD

To be honest I’m not very proud of what I did, she forced me into a corner, I had to do something… I love my Mom, but it was too much. I told her I didn’t want to do it again. I told her this wasn’t Brazil and a person just can’t fuck their Mother like it’s cool here. Yeah I mean, I think my Mom’s hot, and it did feel really good, but I’m not going to become some freak who fucks his Mother all the time… So I figured the only way to make my Mom stop was to give her what she was asking for. I love my Mom way to much to let her act like a slut….

***Starring Miss Brat & a REAL creampie from her son***
Sex Acts: Footjob (couple seconds), Deepthroat, Doggy, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Creampie, Handjob, Blowjob, Cowgirl, Cum in Mouth


Deus In Machina – Mother and Son 3D

120 pages

Deus In Machina.rar

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Kleio Valentien – Asshole Landlord 1&2 HD

Kleio Valentien – Asshole Landlord HD

Kleio and her husband are two months past due on their rent and have only managed to scrape together half of what they owe. Knowing that the young couple is having money issues the Landlord pays them a visit…while the husband is at work. The creepy Landlord easily convinces the lone young woman that she can get another months extension if she just does him a little favor…

Category: FUCKING
Keywords: kleio valentien

MILF, Cheating, Wife, Blackmail, Male Domination, Rough Sex, Netorare, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Facial

Kleio Valentien – Asshole Landlord, 2 HD

It’s been one month and the tenant’s extension is up. The Landlord is back and he wants his rent. Unfortunately, the young couple is short again so the landlord takes the rent out of her tight little pussy.

Category: FUCKING
Keywords: kleio valentien

MILF, Cheating, Wife, Blackmail, Male Domination, Rough Sex, Netorare, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Facial, Cum in Mouth, Swallow


[OBA-273] Morning Erection Father ○ Port, Mother Of Alarm Dirty Bloom Good 僕の朝勃ちチ○ポを狙う、母の目覚まし淫語 咲良しほ


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