Sister Fucks Brother For The 1st Time! English!

Sister Fucks Brother For The 1st Time! English Dialogs!


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Seducing My Brother At Camp HD 1080p

Thanks for responding to my text in the middle of the night, I just really needed to talk to you. Why would Mom and Dad send us to this camp, we aren’t even allowed to bunk together. I just…can you come inside the cabin for tonight? My bunk mate sleeps deeply – c’mon I just need to cuddle with you. Shh…I think I hear a counselor coming, quick – let’s go inside!

That was a close one. There’s just enough room for you under the blankets. Here, get close to me. It’s a little cold, can I just…put my leg on your body to keep warm? Mmm much better…

…Sorry for wiggling against you so much, I’m just trying to get comfortable…Well, yeah I’ve got this uh, itch…between my legs. I’m trying to use you to make it go away, sorry if it’s keeping you up. Goodnight.

Mmm…ohhh…I-I’m sorry, I really can’t stop myself from rubbing on you. I…have this condition where I can’t go very long without…fucking someone. That’s why I invited you to sleep with me in my cabin. I know you’re my brother, but you don’t understand – this will get out of control if I don’t take care of it. Let me just try something.

Don’t freak out, it’s just my mouth on your cock. Mmm God I can’t take it, I need to touch myself while I suck you. Mmm…ohh…mmph! You came in my mouth! I wasn’t even close to done. Don’t you dare move or get soft, I need to fuck now. Shhh! My bunk mate might wake up…she can’t know I’m fucking my brother!

Fantasy includes: taboo, virtual sex, brother/sister, nymphomaniac, female orgasms, blow job, cum in mouth, cum swallowing, grinding, foreplay, nipple play, riding, pov sex, virtual creampie

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Mommy Makes It All Better HD 1920×1080

It’s been six weeks since your circumcision procedure, and I come into your room to tuck you in for bed. I ask how you’re feeling, and remind you that you did go through a traumatic event, with the big needle & those scalpels.

You’re complaining about how it hurts, and I give you a kiss goodnight. Then another kiss. Which turns into making out. You complain that the kissing is making your penis hurt. So I tell you that I need to see it, to make sure it’s healing properly. I kiss it to make it better. Then I lick it. You tell me it’s helping. So I suck it some. You tell me that I have the magic touch.

I tell you that I’ll try some of my other magic. So I climb on top of you & slowly ride. Pretty soon you’re pumping into me. I bet your hand never felt this good. Then I remind you that you used to suck on my tits, and you try that again. We try some other positions, just to make sure that it doesn’t hurt you. It seems that you’re healing up quite well.

Of course you can’t cum inside of mommy. So I finish you off with a blowjob & handjob. There! Mommy made it all better. Lady Fyre

Includes: Big Dick, Blowjob, CBT, Cumshot, Fucking, Handjob, Kissing, Taboo

Mommy Makes It All Better HD.mp4

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Mother’s Solution HD

8:35 video

Sexy mom Rachel is unhappy with the recent behavior of her son Blake. He has been very moody, ceased doing his chores, slacked off at school, and stopped eating right. Wearing a tight, low-cut dress that shows off her luscious figure and a tantalizing amount of cleavage, she enters the young man’s room and finds him moping on his bed. A lecture ensures in which Rachel suggests Blake is suffering sexual frustration and feelings of insecurity. She imagines it must have something do with seeing so many hot young women at school. Unfortunately, Blake is not the jock type – so he does not get much attention from them. But Rachel has discovered over clues as to what’s troubling him. She found pornographic MILF content on his computer, and cum stains in his boxers. Evidently the young man has a thing for older women. As a broad-minded mom with unorthodox ideas on how to raise a son, Rachel knows just what she can do to help him out. Within moments she has pulled Blake’s cock from his pants, applied lotion to it, and commenced to stroke it off. Blake is stunned by his mother’s actions. He lies looking up at her as her hand works skilfully and lovingly up and down his length. Her voice is soft and encouraging, yet also instructive. Teasingly she plays up her position as Blake’s mommie – reminding of all she’s done for him over the years, and what he needs to do to repay her. Keeping his cock close to the flesh of her cleavage, she milks his cock again and again. Several times she leans her beautiful face down and touches her tongue to his helmet. It is only a matter of time before Blake blasts a load of cum up and over his mother’s clenching hand. Afterwards, he lies breathless. Rachel is pleased. She has relieved her for son for the time being. However, speaking firmly, she informs him that she will do it again – whenever and wherever his behavior makes it necessary.

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Cum Quietly Daddy When You Fuck My Virgin Ass HD 720p

Father-Daughter incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Daddy’s Girl, Family Fantasies, Anal, Anal Creampie, Blonde

Dear Diary,
Daddy and I have been stealing quiet moments alot lately. The other night I was so hot for his cock I called him in right after mommy went to bed. Daddy was reluctant to fuck me with mommy close by but my lips persuaded him quickly. When he started fucking me I had an overwhelming desire to explore anal sex. Daddy was eager to enlighten me but he had to keep me quiet too. When his cock filled my ass it hurt a bit but Daddy loosened me up until it felt so good I came all over the bed. Daddy came soon after and filled my virgin ass with a huge load. I guess we came quietly enough, mommy never even stirred.

Quietly Daddy When You My Virgin Ass HD.mp4



1280X720HD. Mother catches her son stroking to some of her nude photos on his IPad. Annoyed at first, she then see’s his massive cock and get’s horny for it. She tells him that she would love to fuck and suck him dry so he eagerly starts pounding her cunt hard. After the screwing she sucks him like the slut mom she is then begs for and gets him to jack off in her mouth.

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It’s Not Wrong If You Don’t Cum Inside Of Me HD 1920×1080

No I don’t want to wake up yet ….stop poking me, c’mon, you can go downstairs if you want. I didn’t sleep well last night since we had to give up our beds. Stop it you’re tickling me now…fine we’ll see how you like it! Haha! Oh my God stop it!

You don’t have a weak spot! What is that I’m touching… it’s all hard. Wait, that’s… you’re turned on right now? Um…you should probably get off me then. What do you mean ‘no.’ Get up before Mom or Dad sees us and take care of it in the bathroom.

This is so wrong…what do you want me to do, just tell me quickly so it’ll go away. Alright, my boobs are out, now you want to rub my pussy?? Did you somehow forget that I’m your sister?! Fine just don’t go under my panties. Ohhh…oh my God… Mmm…you’re making me wet. What, no I didn’t say anything.

What’s taking so long, you’re stroking it right? Fine you can touch it under my panties, but only if you–OHH!!! You stuck it in!! No no no this is wrong!! I’m…ohhh…I’m your sister…you can’t….oh my God…yes…just don’t cum in my pussy!

Fantasy includes: taboo, brother/sister, nipples, big tits, tickling, masturbation encouragement, virtual pussy rubbing, virtual sex, virtual creampie, female orgasm, pov sex

It’s Not Wrong If You Don’t Inside Of Me HD.mp4


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Daddy’s Wake-Up Call HD 1080p

*** MMm, good morning, Daddy! hehe, You thought I was Mommy, didn’t you? No way, she’s gone on that business trip, remember! I’ve seen her do this to you before,… I thought I’d fill in while she’s not here. She’ll never have to know. You’ve been real cranky lately. Every morning, when you take me to school. We just aren’t getting along! I want my Daddy to be happy, and you’ve always been in such a good mood after Mommy’s done this to you.

Ah, is what I’m doing wrong, Daddy? I’m sorry. Do you want me to stop? No, I didn’t think so… Is it… good? It’s my first time; am I doing okay? You like it when I deep throat you, don’t you. Does this feel good? … Does this make you happy, Daddy? Being sucked by your little girl. Would cumming down my throat satisfy you? I want to taste you… Please cum in my mouth, Daddy!

Video Includes: HD taboo, POV, blowjob, facial, daddy’s girl, deep throat, braces, cum swallow, cumshot, dirty talk, daddy/daughter, sexy voice, boobs, perky tits, sloppy, spit, princess, leia, princess leia, amateur, porn, cum in mouth

Daddy’s Wake-Up Call HD.mp4


Welcum Home Son HD

Mommie Really Missed You

Dearest Suzanne,
I hope this letter finds you well. We’ve shared so much since we grew up I figured you would be the best one to confess my sins to. Things have gotten pretty crazy with my biological clock lately and I don’t know where to turn.
I’m almost ashamed to admit what I’m about to tell you it’s just theres no one else I trust but you. My son came home from college the other day and I went into his room to welcome him home. I laid down to cuddle with him and before I knew it he had a raging hard-on.
Before I could stop myself I grabbed it and told him not to tell his father. He was so hard I couldn’t stop myself and soon we were making love on his bed. My son pounded me so much harder than his dad it was almost a shame when he exploded inside me. That brought me back to reality pretty quick though, what would I say if my son knocked me up?
Your Friend

Wel Home Son HD.mp4

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